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  1. Blynne

    Kinda Obsessed

    I am also obsessed. My order was just sent into Ford last week so I have to come here to look at all of the ones that people post since I won’t have mine for quite some time. I also go out of my way to drive by one (there are a few around town always parked in the same places). 😳
  2. Blynne

    Bronco Sport Will Not Be Selected For (Production) Scheduling This Week (on 9/9)

    I believe the 2022s are not going into production until Nov. 11. At least that’s what my email from Ford said.
  3. Blynne

    Waiting room

    I finally got a phone call from my dealer and an email from Ford that my Badlands (now a 2022) has been officially ordered. I originally put the order in at the dealer in May. So, at least that’s some progress! The email stated that the builds will start on November 11. Fingers crossed that I...
  4. Blynne

    Waiting room

    I ordered my Badlands back on May 25. Just got a call today that the order banks have opened up and they are putting my order in. No idea when production will start, though. Since it’s so late, it’s going to be a 2022.
  5. Blynne

    Flip-Up Rear Glass - An Essential Feature?

    Agreed. The big Bronco my family had growing up had the back window that rolled down. My mom had it down one day and shut the back and it broke the glass. I would still like to have that feature, though.
  6. Blynne

    Driving past a Bronco Sport on the road

    Why would you not wave to “older people”? Lol.
  7. Blynne

    New Bronco colors - Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red

    I like the green. I wonder if the 2022 Sports will have those colors as well. I would consider changing my order if they do.
  8. Blynne

    2022 Sport auto start stop opt out?

    Our Escape has that and we always just turn it off when we get in the car. It would be nice to opt out of.
  9. Blynne

    Bronco Sport Badlands @ Imogene Pass in Colorado Rockies

    Awesome pics. I'm still waiting for mine to be built so I'm totally jealous.