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  1. aryus

    Hobbs Off-road Overlanding Roof Rack

    Two questions if you don't mind: 1) Do you have a sunroof and if so can it open? 2) Do the wind fairing or side panels touch the body at all or is there a small gap? Thank you!
  2. aryus

    Hobbs Off-road Overlanding Roof Rack

    Cool rack. I liked the Yucca Manufacturing one a little better, but... Curious if this one allows for the sunroof to open unimpeded. Thanks for posting about it!
  3. aryus

    Baby Bro Blackout Stage 1

    It's very easy. Mask off the area well as there will be overspray (which comes off pretty easy with car cleaners/rubbing alcohol). Clean all surfaces diligently. Use cotton swabs the get into the edges of the letters. Lay down several coats from several angles with about a half hour between each...
  4. aryus

    @Outbound Exploration Bronco Sport Build & Trail Pics

    Very cool build. I'm sad Yucca has stopped making their awesome roof rack. Exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully a similar bolt-on rack comes along. And definitely looking forward to any meetups in southern UT or near Vegas.
  5. aryus

    Flip-Up Rear Glass - An Essential Feature?

    My comments were a criticism, not a complaint.
  6. aryus

    Flip-Up Rear Glass - An Essential Feature?

    Agreed. It's too narrow and the wiper/lock housing takes up too much space for the access to be useful for much of anything, not to mention how much that housing takes up of the rearview mirror.
  7. aryus

    Dirty but almost done! Big Bend Bronco Sport Build w/ Rough Country, Reese, and Ford Ranger Lifts

    Thanks for the pics. Now I have a reference for stuff to do to my BS.
  8. aryus

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Finally got off pavement yesterday, but forgot to take pics. Fortunately my copilot took one.
  9. aryus

    4WP level kit in stock and shipping

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm curious how this compares to the kits from RC and Woolworth (other than the lower height) as far as ride quality goes.
  10. aryus

    "Rattle" In Driver Side B-Pillar Upper?

    Mine rattles in that location sporadically. I haven't been able to determine any common conditions for when it does.
  11. aryus

    Feedback request for A/Ts for Big Bend....

    Following as I'm looking at upgrading my tires as well. Am considering Yokohama Geolandar G015 since I mostly drive streets as well.
  12. aryus

    Crazy rattling in passenger door!

    Mine has in the driver's door, at about 2K miles. It comes and goes though so might just be based on how I close the door. I came from a Mazda CX5 which didn't have a squeak until about 40K miles so it's a little disappointing as well as annoying.
  13. aryus

    Front mud guard, useless?

    It's good at reducing approach angle. Scratched mine when testing to see what the BS could do. I wonder if it has any effect on MPG.
  14. aryus

    Recommendations on a cargo net for Base Bronco Sport?

    Picked up a cheap 3 pocket cargo net at Walmart and connected to the 4 hooks. Works great for most stuff and easy to stow for larger items.
  15. aryus

    Power “delay” or “hesitation”.

    I've experienced this lag as well, mostly when temps get over 100. My suspicion is the throttle electronics are inadequately cooled at those temps. It's my biggest gripe so far with the BS.
  16. aryus

    Big Bronco Spotted in the Wild

    Spotted this weekend in the wild. Mine's the baby.
  17. aryus

    Big Bend with fresh Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015s

    Thanks for the post! I have the exact same Bronco and have been shopping for new shoes. Split is probably 90/10 for me so KO2 is a tad overkill. Really appreciate your insight.
  18. aryus

    Accessory Bumper Protector

    I hear you Steve. I do the same, as well as push on the lower part of the door with my foot (old bad habit). Have considered using skateboard tape or something similar to cover those spots, but then the adhesive would probably mar the plastic just as bad if it ever needed to be removed.
  19. aryus


    I could be wrong, but I think Robbie mentioned something about high metal costs at the moment. Hopefully that changes soon and the price of these come down.
  20. aryus

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    Have been getting around 23-24 in Eco mode driving in the city. 28+ in Eco mode on the highway.