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  1. FORD BRONCO SPORT TO BE REVEALED JULY 13th (Formally July 9th)

    The Reveal has apparently been pushed back to July 13. Because.. July 9 is OJ's birthday.. and one of his victim's sisters complained. You think Ford would have researched that date a bit..
  2. Pandemic changed your buying plans?

    Hehe.. My dad's ashes are gonna roll over in their urn when I buy a Ford.. I was indoctrinated into the Chevy life, but I already broke that with my Ridgeline... :D
  3. Pandemic changed your buying plans?

    So I was thinking about this yesterday, and realized that for my situation, I should reevaluate my transportation needs based on that dreaded "new normal". For me, that means I might wind up working 75% or more remote from now on, or possibly full time remote, which allows me to consider...
  4. [Opinion] Bronco Sport Mexican Made

    Wait, is the CVT only on the hybrid? I hope?
  5. [Opinion] Bronco Sport Mexican Made

    I wouldn't buy any new hybrid in the first 2 years of it's production anyway.
  6. [Opinion] Bronco Sport Mexican Made

    Personally I'd be more concerned about where the parts are made.
  7. 2021 Bronco Sport Will Offer Three Grille Options - Modern, Classic and Custom

    That smells like it will also be open for aftermarket versions as well.
  8. Bronco Sport Production Delayed Until September

    So.. large scale availability of the Sport probably in Jan/Feb of 2021 then? Sounds like I might need new tires for my current ride when I'm back to work then in the meantime... :crazy: