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  1. SBGrad

    Tires over pressure.

    On the lot when I picked up the car the tires were over 40 psi ( noticed when I took it for a test ride). When we went inside to sign the paperwork I told the SA they needed to bring the tires to recommended pressure-- which they did. Had a couple oil changes at same dealer and they've always...
  2. SBGrad

    Part # for Bronco Sport 2.0L Water Pump

    I didn't even know about a potential problem until they told me they would check the pump, so I don't know how real or how big a problem this could be. On one hand, if there were a big problem, we'd have heard about it here, or on some other forum, right? On the other hand, they DID run...
  3. SBGrad

    Part # for Bronco Sport 2.0L Water Pump

    Yep, OK. SA did mention that the dealer isn't taking any chances, cause they don't want to be on the hook if the worst happens and the head gasket goes.
  4. SBGrad

    Part # for Bronco Sport 2.0L Water Pump

    Hhhmmm. At the dealer right now, came in for the recall (24S24, body control module). First thing the Service Advisor says, "we're gonna check your water pump first." Even said that I might ve heard about it online. SA said it'll all be under warranty if it is leaking, also mentioned no...
  5. SBGrad

    New Off Rodeo rules?

    Nope, some of the trail rides are designed for Sports. From the offroadeooutpost site:
  6. SBGrad

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    Couldn't resist adding a Bronco badge in back. Reminds me of my big sister's Bronco II. Retro styling is one of the main reasons I bought a BS.
  7. SBGrad

    🆕 Bronco Sport Gas Cap Overlay

    Respectfully, only one base color isn't a lot of options. This is compounded in my case since my BS is Shadow Black. At least give us the option of white base color, and maybe even clear base with one color graphic. Clear base might even work better for those of us with dark vehicle colors.
  8. SBGrad

    Birdwatching + Death Valley ghost towns

    Thanks for the kind words. Ha ha, here's the story on the Bronco line up. My sister also owns a BSBL, and the day we went to Lone Pine she had sent us a text saying she'd be waiting for us-- she lives in Reno, a 5 hour drive from LP. I pull into the hotel parking lot and see 2 Sports. I...
  9. SBGrad

    Birdwatching + Death Valley ghost towns

    One of my hobbies is photography. The bulk of my camera time is spent birdwatching-- in my case the 'birds' are military aircraft. In and around the Sierra Nevada mountains in California there is a low level training route. Think of the low level flying in Top Gun Maverick. So, off we went...
  10. SBGrad

    Would you trade in the Sport for the Big Bronco? Why or why not??

    Why I would trade my Badlands for a 6G: -body on frame -modular bumper -pre wired for aux switches -low range transfer case Why I won't trade my Badlands for a 6G - too wide to fit in garage
  11. SBGrad

    Attended Bronco Off-Roadeo @ Moab

    Unless I'm totally mistaken, they've changed at least some of the trails used for the Off Roadeo. Those pix don't look like any trail we were on in October. Our trail guide said they change out trails some times.
  12. SBGrad

    Tail Light Tuesday!

    Double Live Gonzo Mine on the left, sister's Alto Blue BL on right
  13. SBGrad


    Agree with what others said above-- what happens when a Flex and a LC drink too much and get together. Same goes for headlights, I'll take my branding iron O- over |-| lights any day and twice on Sunday.
  14. SBGrad

    Throwback Thursday!!! Let's see those trade-ins vs what you have now photos!!!

    2013 C-Max at Yosemite National Park. This trip was one of the reasons we got the Badlands. Freezing rain in September, no problem driving, but what if there had been more? Not to mention the "spare tire" solution for the CMax was a can of sealant and an air compressor. 2023 Badlands...
  15. SBGrad

    Official script Bronco Sport badge

    True story. Last month, my sister calls, tells me I'm on speaker. She's telling me about a test drive she had taken in a Badlands at her local dealer. "I had to show the sales guy the storage space under the back seat, he had no it was there, " she says. "Of course you did, the...
  16. SBGrad

    Official script Bronco Sport badge

    Doesn't matter where the emblem first appeared. None of the Sports have the kicking bronco on the tailgate as standard equipment, but plenty of us have added them. if you like the script bronco, or any other sort of decoration, go for it.
  17. SBGrad

    Happy Fri-YAY!!! Let's see those Front End Selfies!!!

    Back in June, on a fishing/recon trip with daughter. At that point I'd had it less than a month, and already killed hundreds of bugs.
  18. SBGrad

    ❄️ My dear Bronco Sport's first snowfall! Share yours

    NOT MY BRONCO... this is my sister's BL after an overnight storm in Reno NV. She is very happy with the remote start on her Ford app.