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  1. RPYLE50

    Tired of reading negative on the 1.5's?

    Thanks for the positive vibes on the 1.5! I have a trouble-free 23 OBX with 11K miles. No issues whatsoever! The engine serves its purpose for me, has plenty of pep, and gets me to where I am going! To the haters: If you want a race car......get a Mustang.
  2. RPYLE50

    New tires on my wife's Bronco Sport: Falken Wildpeak A/T

    Nice!!!! Love the wheels and tires!
  3. RPYLE50

    New tires on my wife's Bronco Sport: Falken Wildpeak A/T

    Nice! What size did you end up getting? I am trying to decide between 235/60/18 or 245/60/18. The Falken A/T’s look amazing!
  4. RPYLE50

    Rattling sound in door panels

    Good afternoon all! Sorry to be late the the "rattle party"! I have a 23 OBX with 9k miles. I too have interior rattling on both sides. Here is what I found: The inside door panel reflectors, rattle slightly for me. I don't notice the rattling when driving with the stereo off necessarily...
  5. RPYLE50

    If you had $2000 for mods…

    If I had $2000 just given to me: Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail Tires (235/60/R18), Powdercoat OEM Outer Banks wheels all Gloss Black, and then 1.5 HRG lift. (I'm probably over the $2k limit). :-)
  6. RPYLE50

    Bottom of Consumer Reports ratings

    IMO, no car is perfect, far from it. I have owned Hondas, Toyotas, Mazdas, and now a Ford. All of them had issues or nits. My 2015 Honda Accord ate tires every 25k miles, regardless of tire brand. I do think that CR is slightly biased towards Japanese brands. I have had zero issues with my 23...
  7. RPYLE50

    Rear access panel - anyone know what is behind this and/or pop this off?

    It’s the subwoofer for the sound system I believe.
  8. RPYLE50

    BS Badlands Lift kit

    Random question: How do you like the Eibach lift springs? I am thinking about getting some for my OBX but doing more research before I make the dive! Your BS looks great BTW! If it were me, I'd ride with 245/65/17. I have had multiple tire dealers tell me that size combo would work (or...
  9. RPYLE50

    I cannot stop driving this thing! How about you?

    Amen to that! I have an OBX, and that little SUV is a blast to drive! I have a friend who just bought a new Subaru Forrester. Both of us are car nerds, so we like to “test” drive each other’s rides. Although the Forrester was super nice inside, it still seemed too car like for me. He drove my...
  10. RPYLE50

    WOW! Totally Impressed!

    Interesting. I thought all BS had a "low" range button in the middle of the gear knob. This may just be a lack of understanding on my part by what they mean as a "low" range typical of 4WD vehicles. Great review however of the non Badlands BS's!
  11. RPYLE50

    1.5 Engine very slow to warm up.

    Agree with these statements: The BS gets warm FAST. My 23 OBX has the PTC heater, heated seats/steering wheel. When you have the seats on level three, it literally burns my a**. Not complaining, but insanely warm! The steering wheel gets plenty warm as well. I can't say that I have noticed...
  12. RPYLE50

    Ford blinks on EV production.

    Additionally, ICE's will not really start to go away until the infrastructure to support EV charging is built out much better across the US. Especially in rural areas. Additionally, who wants to "fill up" their EV and wait for 30 minutes to an hour? Just my experience going on a cross-country...
  13. RPYLE50

    Replacement bolts for OEM cross bars

    Good evening! I know this post is old, but I just purchased OEM Crossbars for my OBX and have the exact same issue. Has anyone been able to locate a reputable place to purchase t25 25mm countersink bolts? Thank you for any advice that folks may have!
  14. RPYLE50

    I get this letter from Ford

    Weird. I wonder when they ran out? I ordered the carpeted mats (and received them) with my OBX that I took delivery on in January. The only thing that was hijacked from me was a front license plate bracket, which they commandeered off another one!
  15. RPYLE50

    [VIDEO] Black Appearance Package and Free Wheeling Edition Bronco Sport

    Nice looking rides! I'm SLOWLY blacking out my OBX. I have blacked out the Bronco letters on the front and back and now have black lugs. Up next: blacked out Ford emblem, and get rims powder coated gloss black. Only time and money. ;)
  16. RPYLE50

    I have come to a conclusion....

    I agree with most folk's sentiments on this discussion thread as well. I have had ZERO issues with my Bronco Sport and actually miss driving it when I drive my rental cars for work! The SUV has exceeded my expectations as well. I remember first seeing the Bronco Sport during the middle of the...
  17. RPYLE50

    Ugly mpg with 1.5..Help

    Yikes! Yes, definitely take your Bronco to the dealer. The worst I have ever gotten on a tank was (mostly town driving and on 87 octane) 22.8 MPG. Typically in mixed driving I at least get 25-27. I would have the dealer look at the fuel injectors as mentioned by other forum posters.
  18. RPYLE50

    New the the bronc sport lineup.

    I have a 2023 OBX with 6k miles. Zero issues with 1.5.
  19. RPYLE50

    Dealer & sales rep recommendations?

    Good evening! Louisburg Ford in KS (Just south of KC metro) is a great place! Ask for Michael McKinney.
  20. RPYLE50

    Your Bronco Sport has been put into Deep Sleep mode

    Same! I hardly use the Start/Stop feature as it does not seem to save much fuel at all from what I can tell.