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  1. Does anyone prefer the Bronco Sport over the regular Bronco? (Or vice versa)

    I like the big Bronco and was thinking about trading my Bronco Sport for a big Bronco in a couple of years ,but I like driving my Bronco Sport to work so much that I dont feel the need to trade for a big Bronco .
  2. I cannot stop driving this thing! How about you?

    I love the color of the op Bronco Sport. My next Bronco Sport will be that very pretty paint combination.
  3. 1.5L Dragon Reliability

    I have to agree the BS is sure a fun vehicle . I have to congratulate the Ford engineers on coming up with such a sporty vehicle. I am amazed by the good ride , handling , and acceleration. Every time I take my BS out for a drive , I feel like I am driving a sports car.
  4. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics - A Moab trip and ownership summary (Bronco Sport Heritage)

    I am impressed with the gas mileage obtained on some not so smooth and friendly road surfaces.
  5. Have you weighed your Bronco Sport ?

    I dont think there is such a thing as an overweight Bronco Sport. I weighed by BS because I thought it felt so nimble and responsive for a 4 wheel drive vehicle powered by a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder engine. I was pleasantly surprised my BS weighed so little.
  6. Have you weighed your Bronco Sport ?

    I weighed my on a certified truck scale . It only cost 12 dollars to weigh.
  7. Have you weighed your Bronco Sport ?

    I weighed my 2023 Bronco Sport Big Bend with the 1.5 liter engine and towing package and found it weighed 3540 pounds. That is only 100 pounds heavier than my manual trans 2020 HPP Ecoboost Mustang. So , what does your BS weigh ?
  8. Top Speed...

    I think the Bronco Sport has better aerodynamics than it appears to have. My BS feels like it moves through the air with little resistance. I am willing to bet a tunned BS could do 130 mph.
  9. 100,000 trouble-free miles on my Bronco Sport Badlands…!

    Congrats to the OP on the 100000 miles. I would like to know how many times the oil was changed. What year is the Bronco Sport ?
  10. Top Speed...

    I often wonder what the top speed is for a BS. When I first drove my Bronco on the interstate I would look at the speedometer and see I was going 80 to 85 mph. The BS rode so well and drove so well at 85 that I felt it could go much faster. That little three cylinder likes to run. Because the...
  11. Starter failure at 12000 miles

    Do you do a lot of in city driving ?
  12. Move up (maybe) to a full size Bronco?

    I voted yes to moving up to a full size Bronco , but I have not driven one or sat in one. I find the Bronco Sport to really drive like a sports car. I feel like my Bronco Sport would out handle my Ecoboost Mustang. The little 1.5 liter 3 cylinder engine really accelerates with the auto trans. I...
  13. Gas mileage?

    I am very pleased with the gas mileage on my 1.5 liter powered 2023 BS Big Bend . I am getting 32.5 mpg on mostly highway driving at 60 -65 mph.
  14. Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    I keep an eye on the engine oil level. I did add oil 3000 miles.
  15. Ugly mpg with 1.5..Help

    I drive at 60 mph on mostly highways and very little in town driving and average 32.5 mpg with my 1.5 liter BS. I never warm the engine more than 1 or 2 minutes before I hit the road.
  16. Does anyone actually pull a trailer

    I am assuming all you trailer towers are using premium fuel in your engines.
  17. Big Bend 1.5 Liter

    Was that 125 thousand miler a 2023 ? I have 10600 miles on my 2023 Big Bend.
  18. Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    Wow ! the last post was on Jan 2022 concerning oil changes. I bought a 2023 Bronco Sport Big Bend with the 1.5 liter engine about two months ago. I changed the oil at 10200 miles. I put Valvoline synthetic blend oil in the engine. I could not find any information in the owners manual as to when...