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  1. magicbus

    Anyone updated to 3.4.23188? And a CarPlay question

    My USB music stick has gone wonky. Instead of randomly playing my 900+ song library it re-indexes every time I start my BS and plays the entire first album. While I like Steve Tyler, listening to Aerosmith every time I start out is wearing thin! I figured I would try a Sync update since I am...
  2. magicbus

    My First Flat

    Walked out heading to play paddleball this morning and had a flat on the driver’s side rear. I had heard something making noise yesterday and stopped twice to check but saw nothing. I have to say changing the tire was a breeze once I figured out the jack handle was camouflaged and looked like...
  3. magicbus

    Fishing rod clips for rail

    I don’t have crossbars and I’m not sure I want them. Has anyone come across rod holders that would clip to the front and rear of one of the roof rack rails?
  4. magicbus

    Badlands in deep sand - personal review

    Let me preface this by saying I drive three 8 hours shifts a week in an F-150 or 250 patrolling 18 miles of soft, deep sandy trails and beaches in a refuge where the public can get permits to drive. I finally got the time (and courage) to take my Bronco Sport Badlands out for a day and thought...
  5. magicbus

    Anyone else bothered by the wipers buried in ice and snow?

    I finally cleaned off and dug out my BS... well truthfully, I started it for 15 minutes via my phone so it mostly melted and then just drove it out of the snow pile :sunglasses: . No actual scraping or shoveling required except for one thing. My wipers were buried in icy snow. On my Jeep I...
  6. magicbus

    Paddle switch on the back of the wiper stalk

    On my '21 BL + BL model (somehow w/o the rain sensitive wiper option :frown: ) I just noticed that there is a paddle switch on the back of the wiper stalk - that is it faces towards the front of the car. I only discovered it because I accidentally turned on the rear wiper and was trying to...
  7. magicbus

    Another Bronco Sport First -- Parts Made From 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic

    Who knew we were driving recycled ocean trash plastic? Press Release: FORD BRONCO SPORT BECOMES FIRST VEHICLE TO FEATURE PARTS MADE OF 100% RECYCLED OCEAN PLASTIC Ford adds to its legacy of using sustainable materials in its vehicles and becomes the first automaker to use 100% recycled ocean...
  8. magicbus

    Balance/Fade Settings on the B&O Ssystem

    I always had my settings faded a tad to the rear, but then yesterday I decided to go for more and moved it back and to the passenger side. What a difference. Now it sounds more like a concert hall.
  9. magicbus

    Big Brother Assembly Line Video

    Just interesting... Bronco Assembly
  10. magicbus

    SiriusXM Plans

    I thought having 700+ songs on a thumb drive would be good enough, but I'm kind of enjoying having Sirius. I went to look for a plan for when my trial runs out but they confuse the heck out of me. All I want is the 60's, 70's 80's plus rock and roll like Classic Vinyl, etc. Anyone have advice...
  11. magicbus

    Toggling Different Display Items

    Maybe I’m just a slow learner, but I just realized I can hit the Menu button and select items for the dash display and then toggle through my selected items using the up/down stick next to the Menu button. Now I don’t have to stare at my mileage all the time but can easily check it. Same for...
  12. magicbus

    Idea for the Ford App - sleep button

    A Sleep button. I was just taking the trash to the barn and noticed my sunroof was in vent mode. I remembered being distracted when I got got home and not paying attention when I closed the roof and windows. Luckily the sunroof really changes the profile of the BS so it is obvious when open...
  13. magicbus

    Anyone Else Enjoy the Intelligent 4WD Display?

    I quickly got bored with watching my gas mileage and all of the other info on the display, so I went to the Calm Screen. As I was poking the up/down lever on the right side of the steering wheel I came across the Intelligent 4WD option and it has become my favorite. It surprised me how much...
  14. magicbus

    Securicode Keyless Entry Pad?

    Looking at the window sticker posted by Administrator on the 23 MPG thread I see the Securicode Keyless Entry Pad listed under standard equipment for the Badlands. Am I the only one who is pleasantly surprised? I had thought this was going to be a dealer installed option which I probably would...
  15. magicbus

    What’s up with Bronco Sport on Autotrader?

    Curious why these dealers are listing inventory. Available Bronco Sports Mannequins or BS?
  16. magicbus

    Gas prices & emissions discussions

    Its $3.58 a gallon here. 8 bucks??? Time to pump up my bike tires. :sunglasses: