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  1. OuterBanks25

    Just Bought This Little Beauty

    Funny enough, I pulled this picture from its current listing on CarGurus and because of the steep price, it's been on the market for 653 days! Or a year and nine months!
  2. OuterBanks25

    Just Bought This Little Beauty

    That's not bad. Enjoy it. My dad's looked very similar to this one. Same color combo and around the same year.
  3. OuterBanks25

    Just Bought This Little Beauty

    Man, that is mint! I would love one of those. My dad had one back in the late 80s. Do you mind if I ask how much you payed for it? I can't imagine anything cheap.
  4. OuterBanks25

    Hello from L.A.

    Welcome. I see you have Outer Banks wheels on your Big Bend which is a nice touch. Did you do that yourself or did it come that way?
  5. OuterBanks25

    2025 Bronco Sport Spied Images

    I'm glad they didn't change the overall look. Thankfully it still looks the same but with an updated pattern to the grille and a bigger touchscreen to accommodate the 360-degree camera system. It'll be Sync 4 that's found on the refreshed Escape and new Mustang. It's a good thing there's not...
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    A Bittersweet Farewell

    I wish you well. I admired your feedback to many of my posts on this forum. Trust me, I wish we could swing the finances and trade up as well. I test drove a full-size Bronco very similar to yours and it doesn't drive half bad and the look never gets old. I never get sick and tired of...
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    Eruption Green Ford Bronco Sport from Matchbox (Coming Soon!)

    Just wanted to let you all know that Matchbox is coming out with another version of the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport. This time in the signature Eruption Green Metallic featuring gold wheels to compliment it even further. It should be released in stores in the next few months. I recently posted on...
  8. OuterBanks25

    This surprised me today.

    Pretty good. For whatever reason, people like to bash it but I don't think it sounds bad at all. Maybe it's because I'm not as privileged and don't get to listen to different premium audio systems but I think it's fantastic, especially in my Maverick. Plenty of base and good clarity.
  9. OuterBanks25

    This surprised me today.

    That seems pretty high considering our one year old 2023 Outer Banks was $38K and some change new but has depreciated to around $29K according to KBB. It only has 9100 miles on it and has the upgraded technology package with the B&O audio, universal garage door opener, wireless charging pad and...
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    Amen to that. It's such a pointless and aggravating feature that supposedly saves fuel which is why the federal government is cracking on automakers to standardize it. The way I look at it, it puts so much more wear and tear on your starter motor. All those extra start/stop cycles can't be...
  11. OuterBanks25

    Things you like or were surprised to find on your Bronco Sport

    Honestly, I knew a lot about the car before finally purchasing one but there were a couple of features that shocked me along the way, none that are too major but still worth mentioning. One was the driver's seat moving back after turning the car off for easy egress. And the one I discovered...
  12. OuterBanks25

    Centering the Speedometer

    What you want to do is click the menu button, hit screens, make sure the calm screen is checked and turn your lane keep assist off. This way you have a big, dead center speedometer.
  13. OuterBanks25

    More Ford Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs Recalled for Fire Risk

    And mine falls within the time frame. I first checked my old order emails and the day I got the built email was on Dec. 21, 2022. And then I checked my Ford account and sure enough, there's an open recall notice that was issued on March 14. Just when I thought it only affected 21s and 22s, it...
  14. OuterBanks25

    2025 4Runner teasers! [Updated with Rolldown Power Rear Window + April 9 Debut Date]

    Eh, Toyota is not what is used to be when it comes to longevity and reliability so who knows how this one is gonna hold up. The third-gen Tundra's launch was a disaster, the new Tacoma I'm sure is next, the Land Cruiser will be about the same since it's the same platform, and the new 4Runner is...
  15. OuterBanks25

    Would you trade in the Sport for the Big Bronco? Why or why not??

    I'm a sucker for the full-size Bronco. But, there's two main things that drove us away. One, price. Two, fuel economy. On long trips, the B.S. can easily accomplish 33-34 mpg whereas the big boy hovers in the teens no matter what kind of driving. Bronco prices always have and always will be...
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    2025 Colors?

    Yeah, I doubt it. Very rarely does a color that's discontinued come back.
  17. OuterBanks25

    Read Before you buy a Bronco Sport!!

    I'm part of the majority on here. We've had our '23 BS OBX for over a year and just like many others have already mentioned, I haven't experienced any of the issues the OP has mentioned. We drove it from Florida to Connecticut and back and not a single squeak or rattle throughout the whole...
  18. OuterBanks25

    Freshly Detailed After An Oil Change

    Just wanted to show off some photos of my mom's 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks that I just detailed after taking it in for routine maintenance. The pollen levels are at extreme highs so as a result, it's taking a toll on our vehicles. Living under an oak tree doesn't help matters. So it...
  19. OuterBanks25

    Gotcha Day

    Couldn't agree more on the design. It's definitely retro modern. It has all the conveniences you can expect out of a modern-day compact SUV but with 60s retro styling. IMHO, it doesn't look like any other compact SUV but it does look like one particular SUV that gets high praise when it comes...
  20. OuterBanks25

    I want to blame Ford

    I did something similar to this a while ago but not for the same reason. Being in South Florida in all, I don't have to worry about snow but I do wipe the blades off from time to time to improve their longevity. I realized that you can manually grab the wiper arm and both wipers move freely...