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  1. Lufelham

    Nitto Ridge Grappler 245/65/R17 on 2022 Badlands

    Hi do you have more pictures in interested in this tire
  2. Lufelham

    Deciding on Toyo AT3s...245/65/17

    yo dont have to modify to put those tires?
  3. Lufelham

    NEW: Black Rhino Voll BR015 Wheels

  4. Lufelham

    Wide vs Narrow Tires — a Scientific Comparison

    can i rock 235/70/17s with just my lift?
  5. Lufelham

    2025 Bronco Sport spied testing

    I currently have 245/65/17 Toyo open country but soon I will need to replace them I want to know if I can do 235/70/17 with the same tire or even ko2s without modify my chasis I have a 1.5 lift
  6. Lufelham

    Won't start without a jump

    I’ve been having this type of behavior 4 times now yesterday I was driving normally and it stoped asked me to put it in park and hopefully it started again but all the se does were dead
  7. Lufelham

    What did you own before your Bronco Sport?

    Jeep liberty 2005 Dodge charger 2008 Chevrolet Camaro 2010 Honda civic 2017 Bmw 120i 2017 Bronco sport 2022
  8. Lufelham

    New day new problem.

    Thats why in jumping to the new Land Cruiser
  9. Lufelham

    Having some serious buyers remorse... Probably my last Ford...

    At one point I was considering jumping into the big one but they have a lot of issues too I am planning to change brand too in the future I’m getting the new Land Cruiser my badlands is 18 months old and it’s having more issues than all the cars I’ve own in the last 10 years combined
  10. Lufelham

    New day new problem.

    They fall and it has an adhesive that came off I’ve already fixed it but it’s incredible that this happens to a new car my first ford and I’m not impressed to be honest
  11. Lufelham

    New day new problem.

    This is it this is what makes me mad
  12. Lufelham

    New day new problem.

    1 year and 2 months…
  13. Lufelham

    New day new problem.

    I’m getting a bottle of flex glue and move on
  14. Lufelham

    New day new problem.

    The thing that bothers me is that this badlands cost here in Mexico almost 55 thousand usd and in less than a year and six months it has turn itself off twice and ford doesn’t know why, lose power one driveling on the highway, brake lights broke both sides, the brakes sound like a whale dying...
  15. Lufelham

    New day new problem.

    Sorry I don’t know hoy you call this things in English but they are falling apart discovered it yesterday
  16. Lufelham

    Flatout Suspension lift suspension!!

    Thanks im also considering it bc I don’t know how much time I’m going to keep my sport and it’s a lot of money I’m from Mexico I have to consider shipping importing fees and the installation
  17. Lufelham

    Flatout Suspension lift suspension!!

    Thanks for the reply so this with my bigger tires would get me a 2.5 inch lift in total if I go for the lite or plus another thing is is there a benefit from leveling the front or just the looks? I assume I will get a better approach angle?
  18. Lufelham

    Flatout Suspension lift suspension!!

    I have a badlands with a 1.5 RC spacer lift I want one or two Lenore inches of ground clearance wich kit do you guys recommend me to get, I do light off-road weekends at the beach and once every few months I’ll go to do a bit more serious off-road nothing crazy I know this is not a wrangler nor...