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  1. Martinjv71

    Deceptive Advertising by Ford and AT&T for 4G Wi-Fi Hot Spot!!! :-(

    I know there have been several threads but here is a bit of proof. Its a load of crap that we buy the most expensive BS with all the packages and ford deletes features. My 21 OB had Wi-Fi but my 24 BL does not. I get the chip shortage during the pandemic, but it is over. I work in the...
  2. Martinjv71

    Illuminated USB Media Port DIY Install

    Here is a swap out to make your media port illuminated like the prior yearn models. I previously had a 2021 OB and it had an illuminated media port. I know own a 2024 BL and it does not have it. I know some of you think it is not needed but in my opinion is that at night it is a huge help if you...
  3. Martinjv71

    Any Ideas of Changes coming for 2024? .... NOT Rumor Mill !!!!!

    Wondering if anyone has some accurate knowledge of the changes coming for 2024? I know the Order Banks open on July 17th.... getting Ccose.
  4. Martinjv71

    General Consensus- Lift kits and Manufacturers Warranty?

    Just wondering what those that have installed lift kits experienced as far as the manufacturers warranty goes. I have heard several different answers. It would be installed on my BS OB by a licensed mechanic...
  5. Martinjv71

    Light Bar Roof Rail install on 1.5L OB

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has installed a light bar kit (Roof Rail Mount) on the BS- Outer Banks, Big Bend with the 1.5L. I have looked everywhere and see the the Badlands has an accessory port for access. Yes my windshield has 2 accessory ready stampings in the corners or the top...
  6. Martinjv71

    What have you been able to run off the 150W AC adapter? (1.5 Liter engines)

    Just wondering what you have been able to run? (I get anything under 150W LOL) just looking for some examples as some things do not list the wattage on the. It seem pretty weak to me- Just saying.
  7. Martinjv71

    Faulty Sun Visor Design

    Sorry redundant thread.
  8. Martinjv71

    Where to buy fender trim / model badges?

    Anyone know where we can buy them my dealer cannot see them in the system.
  9. Martinjv71

    Fog Light Covers from Lamin-X! - Affordable.

    Check these out. They work great! I have used them on previous cars. Many colors to pick from also. They are 12mil thick.
  10. Martinjv71

    Outer Banks on order!

    Decked out my Outer Banks. Order on 1/23/2021. Original build date was mid April and they moved it out until May......Patiently waiting errrrr. Added it to the tracker.