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  1. DahliaDarlin'

    Check rear seats...

    I thought the same thing and was yapping away about it over dinner until my dinner guests said they knew someone who left their infant in the car all day and the child died! Apparently the child fell asleep in the back seat, the woman had an important meeting. The couple had made a last minute...
  2. DahliaDarlin'

    Would you trade in the Sport for the Big Bronco? Why or why not??

    Nope would not buy a Big, not remotely interested in it. While the 2 door Big Bronco is really cute, it is too impractical for me for every day use, which is what I need in a vehicle. I haven't seen the cargo area of the Big, but I suspect the area is higher than the BS. I'm only 5'7, so I...
  3. DahliaDarlin'

    Things you like or were surprised to find on your Bronco Sport

    Yes! The turning radius is another amazing thing. It rivals or bests my good ol' 2005 Honda Civic. So much better than the Subaru Forester.
  4. DahliaDarlin'

    Things you like or were surprised to find on your Bronco Sport

    I am surprised by how often I use the rear camera washer. Also I am surprised by how often I use the NAV even though I obviously have NAV on my phone. My FIL was smitten with the map feature and following along as we drove when he visited and the roads were unfamiliar to him. Recently rented a...
  5. DahliaDarlin'

    Read Before you buy a Bronco Sport!!

    I have to agree that this poster unfortunately got a lemon. My OBX was also used, with a few more miles. I drove it so long the the sales person started to give me the stink eye. I don't think it shifts roughly, perhaps a bit when I have to accelerate unexpectedly. No rattles or squeaks that...
  6. DahliaDarlin'

    12 volt battery charge state detection recall coming out.

    The only reason I knew to watch the Stop Start and then ask about the battery was because of this forum! Bummer your Dealer is a dog.
  7. DahliaDarlin'

    12 volt battery charge state detection recall coming out.

    I wonder if this is why my dealer was so happy to change my battery when I went in for the fuel injector recall. I reported that the stop start wasn't working and to please check the battery. When I picked up the car they told me they had put in a new one?
  8. DahliaDarlin'

    Ford Molle Bags Accessories?

    If they actually contact fuel, I throw them away at the station. Otherwise, no odor from just touching the pump. Frankly, the cap less fuel system means I need less protection now, but I still wear them in case something weird happens spill wise, or if someone else gooped the fuel pump handle...
  9. DahliaDarlin'

    MPG fall off recently - Cold Weather related?

    I drove down that way last week. I-93S though S NH, MA though Boston, onto RT 3S to a town on the South Shore. Arrived at my destination with the best gas milage ever on the car computer, 33.8 MPG. I did between 65- 78 ish most of the way, except through the city. In winter I seem to get around...
  10. DahliaDarlin'

    What I really like about the Bronco Sport (in 60 seconds or less)...toot your horn!!

    Jumbo sized cup holders compared to my little Honda Civic, knobs for everything (like my old Civic, just way more knobs!) Oddly the dial for shifting. It doesn't get in the way of items in the cup holder. Nice enough ride. People can see me on the road, vs my little Civic where my view was often...
  11. DahliaDarlin'

    A brand divided?

    You, Dear Mark, have clearly graduated from High School!
  12. DahliaDarlin'

    A brand divided?

    Some people never quite graduate from High School do they? Perhaps, when they see what your Sport is capable of, it makes them think what they could have done with the extra 15 grand they spent.😉
  13. DahliaDarlin'

    Newbie looking at a BS with some questions.

    I've got an Outerbanks with the 1.5. Love driving it. I've taken it over the Adirondacks and back a couple of times now. Inclines, and twisty roads. The Sport handled very well. The turning radius is excellent and seems very similar my old (2005), smaller Honda Civic but has more oomph. The 2.0...
  14. DahliaDarlin'

    An Engineer's Review of the Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

    I've watched him in the past. I like his review style. I'm glad he reviewed a 1.5. Most of the reviews available when I bought were for the 2.0. I do wish he'd taken it on the highway. Engeneer's thoughts on the bouncy hood at speed would have been interesting!
  15. DahliaDarlin'

    Geez this guy is a pile of negative...

    Alex on Autos all the way if you really want to know something. I will admit A on A Bronco Sport vid was disappointing. For fun, CarWow. He's very witty, although he and the autos are in the UK. Often there are North American counterparts though. It can get hard when you notice on certain...
  16. DahliaDarlin'

    List the deleted items from the '21 to '23

    Hah! No wonder it didn't work when I tried it. I had my foot on the brake pedal when I pushed the start button! I am always locking myself out of my car and was bummed I was going to have to ask the dealer for help with this. Now if I could only get the garage door opener thingy to work, I'd be...
  17. DahliaDarlin'

    List the deleted items from the '21 to '23

    You turn this off in settings, but it reactivates every six months. I was going on about this stupid feature with friends. They told me they knew a couple who switched who would drop the baby off at child care and... worst possible outcome occurred! I was agog. I shut mine off. No baby and the...
  18. DahliaDarlin'

    Graphic color recommendations for cactus gray

    What you probably want here is white for contrast rather than shades of gray on gray. Just from an esthetic standpoint.
  19. DahliaDarlin'

    Why, again Why, and What tha heck was that!?

    Yes, apparently it is due to swerving. It has happened to me a few times going through the Adorondaks where the roads get a bit twisty. The changing colors from yellow to light red to dark red... it's like it's getting angry at you for not listening. Adorable.