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  1. roboto65

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Drove to the border Texas Louisiana and picked up my buddies RC Decathlon. Do have a pic but it seems that the site is going to take 100 years to download.
  2. roboto65

    car wash

    That's unbeelievable !
  3. roboto65

    2022 1.5L oil change question

    I would rather run low than to much. It's probably no worse for wear. It is not a performance engine and unless you are whipping around or off camber all the time there was still enough in the pan to keep the pickup in oil.
  4. roboto65

    2022 1.5L oil change question

    This was an issue when I first got my BS even put it on here. But my issue was a faulty tech he was putting the wrong amount and my dipstick looked like yours.
  5. roboto65

    How many members here are Married?

    Have been married to the same girl for 36 years. There have been highs and lows, but 3 kids and 6 grandkids later I would not trade it for the world.
  6. roboto65

    vehicle alarm, vehicle alarm, vehicle alarm

    My keys generally never leave my pocket. I get out close the door and and touch the door handle and it locks.
  7. roboto65

    My DIY Custom Seat Covers installed in Bronco Sport Big Bend 🐍

    Well that would definitely keep my wife from using my BS :cwl:
  8. roboto65

    What is wrong with my new bronco sport - no oil in car

    Make sure to ask if the tech knows what he doing long story short found low oil on my 23 twice back to back and it ended up being the same tech and he had shorted both times.
  9. roboto65

    Not long for this world

    Rest In Peace Pigpen And yeah Cancer SUCKS
  10. roboto65


    Crazy I did not know Buc ee's had a car wash.
  11. roboto65

    So Grateful for the 2.0L

    🙏 Hope she is doing well and pray for a fast recovery!
  12. roboto65

    Ford Bronco Sport 1.5 Turbo Issues

    For that price they could have pulled the engine LOL DAMN
  13. roboto65

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to all you guys. Must be a Grandkid explosion LOL just welcomed my 6th Grandchild into the world as it is.
  14. roboto65

    Factory Tow hitch, install after purchase....Any one?

    I am installing one today on my BB let me know if you need anything.
  15. roboto65

    Not long for this world

    So glad you are in care hope they keep you comfortable as can be .
  16. roboto65

    Auto Highbeam

    Yeah I like it for sure, and after a few times I just toggled the light switch to on all the time and it stopped the auto high beam. Yes I was thinking about the road rage thing at the time also but of course the wife was like, Its his fault for no tail lights. Crazy little thing she is LOL
  17. roboto65

    Auto Highbeam

    Well was coming home the other night from going out to eat and had a glitch/not glitch in the auto highbeam. Not my fault or Fords honestly but was out at night and the person in front of me in a van had no tail lights at all. So my auto high beams went nuts flashing the back of the van every...
  18. roboto65

    Worse luck with tires.

    Checked mine just now its parked at company while I am offshore both fronts are at 27 and rears are 28 have not received any alarms.
  19. roboto65

    Baby Bronc’s Build

    Its the ground so should be no problem even if it did touch. Looks great need to order one up.