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  1. wessermgm


    So had to take two kids off to a band camp this week. That meant two large suitcases, duffel of provisions, bedding/pillows, a cased french horn and a case euphonium. In other words, a fair amount. Not to mention the instruments can't slide or roll around. I was originally going to take my...
  2. wessermgm

    Rank Stock Wheels on Bronco Sport

    Before picking up my BB, I wasn't very impressed with photos of the BB stock 17" wheels. However, after getting the BB and seeing that CG wheels on the Iconic Silver, I actually really liked them. It kinda made me wonder what everyone else's thoughts were about the various wheel options on the...
  3. wessermgm

    Best Tire Options for 1.5L Larger Than Stock Sizes

    I haven't seen a thread that specifically addresses the tire needs of the BS that are powered by the 1.5L Dragon. We all know that the practical sizes absent some lift and trimming the largest sizes are the 29.5" diameter tires (245/65/17; 245/60/18). Also, the 235mm widths are also an...
  4. wessermgm

    2023 Base Edition - Any News Why Unavailable?

    I am doing my research about putting in an order for a 2023. Debating the merits of each model. I do actually think that the Base Model for the price is a pretty good option. Any idea why Ford has not allowed the ordering for 2023 Base Models? If they were just going to pull the plug, wouldn't...