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  1. Jrl

    What did you do on your bronco today ?

    Today I went for 4 new tires , Goodyear workhorse wrangler 235/70/17 AT Just fit with a 1/2 inch clearance . 30.2 inch , looks good fills the wheel well. No lift needed , First Edition factory lift only . Was going for the coopers but they are discontinued as of this month . Discount Tire new...
  2. Jrl

    Tire size

    I have a first edition with 235/65/17 I would like to go up in diameter would you have a 235/70/17 to fit my ride ?
  3. Jrl

    Dash plaque First Edition

    Ford first edition vin dash installed today .
  4. Jrl

    Back brakes growling fix

    My ford dealership came to my house today and put in 4 new rubber bushings in the calipers, they now make no growling noise at all . This is the correct and only fix for that problem, note it only happens when in reverse. Thanks goes out to Alex and the Shults ford south team Pittsburgh pa I...
  5. Jrl

    Still waiting for a first edition bronco sport dash plaque .

    Hey FMC did you forget to send out our dash plaques, for the few first edition bronco sports . I get that we are a small group ! Step up ford .
  6. Jrl

    Ez Flares Installed

    Ez flares for bronco sports , install .
  7. Jrl

    What do what the last 6 numbers of our vin represent?

    Does anyone know what the last 6 numbers of our vin represent, mine is A67502 ,someone said to me the order of Mfg sequence .
  8. Jrl

    Bronco script emblem installed

    New bronco script installed today. Looks pretty good.
  9. Jrl

    Bronco retro fender script

    Has anyone thought of doing the black gloss bronco script on the fender of the sport ? Looks like it might be nice addition . Thoughts ?
  10. Jrl

    Moonroof recall

    Has anyone heard of a recall posted today on bronco first edition Facebook about bad glue on bronco sport’s moonroof. Something about possibly glass blowing off ?
  11. Jrl

    C pillar removal?

    Has anyone removed the c piller on a bronco sport ,would like to try and avoid it getting totally scratchEd . Its nice looking but not when it gets all scratched up. Just a thought.
  12. Jrl

    First edition crossbars ?

    Has anyone driving a first edition bronco gotten a call from Ford motor co asking if they have the received crossbars and have not been charged for them, they were supposed to be part of the first edition trim at no charge .Mine was listed on my window sticker at a charge of 350.00 then added on...
  13. Jrl

    First Edition Production Plaque

    As a buyer and owner of a first edition bronco sport 2021 we need to have the same consideration given by FORD MOTOR COMPANY to all future owners of the off road bronco (bigger bronco) All their first editions are indicated by a plaque on the inside with the number of production sequence. I do...
  14. Jrl

    Transmission shift point

    I have a 2.0 with a 8 speed transmission, does anyone know at what speed it should be shifting into each gear. Mine has not gone above 6 th gear . Thanks
  15. Jrl

    At what speed does each gear shift?

    At what speed does each gear shift. I can’t get passed 6 th gear?
  16. Jrl


  17. Jrl

    Anyone still waiting for First Edition to show up?

    Is anyone still waiting for there first edition to show up? I have vin number and it is in production,the date on vin is 2/5/2021 and also 2/6/2021.thanks
  18. Jrl

    Vin numbers meaning

    Can anyone tell me what each number and letter of VIN numbers mea.I have one number or letter miss placed. Thanks . Ordering Bronco sport outer banks cactus gray with ebony/brown seats /co pilot 360 plus tow package.thanks jim Pgh pa