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  1. B-Dog15

    BFG KO2 daily psi

    I’ve been driving around now with the BFG KO2’s in 245/65r17 for a good while now and I absolutely love them. They did feel really firm at first but I realized they were at like 45 psi. I dropped them down to about 35 psi and I the ride comfort has felt great. My question is for those that also...
  2. B-Dog15

    New Shoes

    Finally got some new shoes put on! BFG KO2 245/65r17. Makes a huge difference in looks and driving stayed relatively the same outside of some road noise and slightly heavier steering. Was also able to get the Speedo recalibrated to account for the bigger tires!
  3. B-Dog15

    Different Tires?

    Hey guys! I have been looking into getting new, more aggressive looking, tires that are the same size as the stock tires (225/65r17) and was wondering if anyone has done something similar? I am looking at the BFG Trail Terrain t/a (225/65r17) but was wondering if anyone else has done something...
  4. B-Dog15

    BS headliner tear...

    Hello all, Just posting this here hoping someone can offer up some help. I recently noticed a tear in the headliner of my BS. I was wondering if anyone has had to fix a similar type of tear before and if so, how did you do it? I am hoping to not have to pay someone a crazy amount of money to...