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  1. RodNSA

    Spray jet not working

    Ok ... finally had my BS one year and something isn't working, but it's probably a simple fix ... I hope! *MY fluid reservoir was empty prior to having 3 days of a hard freeze here in San Antonio, Texas area. Yesterday we were in the 60s so I took the opportunity to fill my fluid reservoir. The...
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    My patriotic tush.

  3. RodNSA

    Products for detailing textured dashboard area?

    Ok ... the textured finish on the dashboard and other areas seems to be easily scratched by just about anything. So ... before I mess up the those areas on my dashboard that is getting dusty and dirty ... recommendations for best INTERIOR DETAILING PRODUCTS for DASHBOARD and other areas that...
  4. RodNSA

    Oil life update Ford Pass

    How long after having your oil changed (took mine 3 days ago to my local Ford dealership) will the OIL LIFE update in my Ford Pass App? Is there anything that I need to do? I assumed that after the dealership service department finished it would automatically update???
  5. RodNSA

    CAR COVERS for outside parking ... SUGGESTIONS?

    Ok ... unfortunately my garage has been taken over for furniture sales 😕 ... and my 8 month old BS (M.L. Pony) has recently been relegated to parking outside in the heat (San Antonio, TX weather) ... and all other bad weather possibilities ... so it's either build a carport (bids of 5-8k) or buy...
  6. RodNSA

    1st oil change confusion on 1.5 BS

    Ok ... yes, I have an owner's manual, and I can read and I also have the Ford Pass App that monitors my oil ... BUT ... I bought my NEW '22 BS with the 1.5 engine the first few days of January '23 so I have already owned it for 8 months + a few days. I am retired and don't drive that much and my...
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  8. RodNSA

    The death of the Base Model '24 ... take 2!

    Ok ... just a tiny bit of venting as I see that the 2024 BS is no longer available in the Base Model ... and it will not be returning. For my no frills generation (I'm 65) who have been used to scripting and saving and making "deals" for decades at our local car dealership ... well, I was...
  9. RodNSA

    The death of the Base Model

    Oops. Posted in error.
  10. RodNSA

    FORD PROTECT Extended Warranty purchased within the first year (Granger,Flood or Zeigler?)

    6 months ago, I did a cash purchase for my new '22 BRONCO SPORT and decided to wait to get me Extended Warranty and to shop around. *** What do you think about ... GRANGER, FLOOD AND ZIEGLER??? *All seem to have extremely competitive prices. *** ARE THEY ALL LEGIT??? Thanks!
  11. RodNSA

    Towing capacity for Base model without factory install towing package?

    Ok ... help me out. I didn't order my BS Base model with towing since it was purchased off a lot as is without towing. I'm getting ready to add towing and thought that would give me a 2000 pound (gross weight) towing capacity ... BUT everything I read now, after the fact seems to indicate that...
  12. RodNSA

    Anyone towing The Grand Ascape ST by Aliner?

    I've been looking at The Grand Ascape ST by Aliner ... anyone else? If not ... what other ultra lightweight campers (preferably with bath) are you pulling? I've looked at a few teardrops that have potential and see benefits of that design but not a have to. I need to keep the total gross weight...
  13. RodNSA

    The ever-changing color ... Carbonized Grey 🥰

    I typically buy silver or grey vehicles but my '22 Carbonized Grey BS changes color constantly. I love it!!! Steven and I joined the Chicagoland Bronco Club at Badlands Park Indiana today. Great fun with nice people. And @Mark S. you may not want to read this because the Heritage Limited got...
  14. RodNSA

    Blackout badges for my patriotic TEXAS BRONCO SPORT.

    *Added a couple of patriotic blackout badges to the back of my TEXAS BABY BRONCO.
  15. RodNSA

    DIY Ceramic Coat products: Meguiar's, Turtle Wax, Nexgen or ???

    Any experience with these 3 DIY Ceramic Coat products ... or others???
  16. RodNSA

    ROUGH COUNTRY Nudge Bar installed today ... calling this bad boy DONE 😉!

    *The guys at 4WP in San Antonio did a great and fast job installing my RC Nudge Bar today ... really, REALLY like it! **I think I'm calling my exterior upgrades FINISHED! ***QUESTION: Since Texas requires a front license plate and my current mounting area is directly behind my lights ... HOW...
  17. RodNSA

    Bushwacker flares and hood deflector installed today.

    I'm finally coming to the end of my list of major items (or at least, major to me) on my to-do list. The Ford folks did a great job installing my Bushwacker fender flares (even saved all splash guards) and Aeroskin II hood protector today ... unfortunately, we didn't get to the Rough Country...
  18. RodNSA

    Omac crossbars installed today!

    *Love the quality and extremely reasonable price of these OMAC CROSSBARS ... thanks to all who recommended them! **Next week ... OEM hood protector & fender flares and finally my RC Nudge Bar w/lights!
  19. RodNSA

    Nudge bar / bull bar advice

    Ok, I've tried to read old threads and do my own research but getting advice on an aftermarket nudge bar /bull bar selection is getting me lots of conflicting information. So, IF you have EXPERIENCE with this topic ... PLEASE HELP. I want something to complete "the look" of form and function...
  20. RodNSA

    Rough Country fender flares WITH oem mud flaps???

    Ok ... members in this group have posted that if you install Bushwacker fender flares that unfortunately you have to lose your oem mud flaps. So QUESTION: If I go with the Rough Country fender flares does their install and fit also require that I have to ditch my mud flaps??? (I haven't seen any...