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  1. shwamo83

    Took Back Way to Mt. Lemmon, Tucson, AZ

    My BS BL (Bronson is his name) easily transversed the back way up Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, AZ a couple of weekends ago. Here are a few pics from the trek. Enjoy!
  2. shwamo83

    My Hiking and Overlanding Trip to Devil's Bridge and Bloody Basin Rd

    I traveled to Sedona over MLK weekend and hiked the Devils's Bridge Trail before overlanding along Bloody Basin Road. Photos attached. I would suggest this to everyone because it was absolutely stunning. PS - My X-Bull recovery boards were waiting for me when I got home so I attached...
  3. shwamo83

    New Years Eve Ride in Box Canyon

    Hi all and Happy New Year! Sharing a few pics here from a ride I did with some friends on New Years Eve in Box Canyon, Florence, AZ. Getting to the waypoint was fun! Lots of ruts, sand and mud the BS BL was able to get through with ease. I continue to love this vehicle and it's still the best...
  4. shwamo83

    Recommendations for Light Off-roading in the Phoenix, AZ area

    Anyone have recommendations on trails to take the BS BL in the Phoenix, AZ area?
  5. shwamo83

    My Video of the Bronco Off-Rodeo in Moab, UT - 5.28.22

    I went to take part in the Bronco Off-Rodeo in Moab over Memorial Day weekend and mounted a GoPro to the Bronco Sport Badlands I was using. Overall I came away super impressed with the capabilities of this truck. I will be taking it to other destinations very soon! Check it out and let me know...