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  1. davidg4781

    Heaven forbid something happened to your Bronco Sport... what are you going to get next?

    The dealership where I bought my Bronco Sport from called me today saying they had a special offer for me. I know it's marketing and I know it's to get me to buy another car from them, but it did get me thinking. I'm at 6.5% APR and I can't find anyone to finance it at a better rate (my...
  2. davidg4781

    Bronco Sport Big Bend Wild Edition?

    Has anyone else heard of this? Here's a link to the commercial.
  3. davidg4781

    Anyone interested in going to Concan Adventure Trails May 21-23?

    I'm off next week and thinking about checking out the Concan Adventure Trails. Anyone interested in coming with? I don't have a for sure date I'll be up there right now but if someone else wants to meet, I'll be sure to be there! And I'm not affiliated with them in any way. This and Hidden...
  4. davidg4781

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    Both the Bronco and Bronco sport are sharp looking, don't get me wrong. They spark nostalgia in everyone that's owned, seen, or experienced one in the last 50 years. But the question, for all you Bronco Sport enthusiasts out there, do you want to keep this retro design or give it a modern...
  5. davidg4781

    Short Gas Pedal?

    For the last year, I adjust my seat several times a week. The main issue is the gas pedal. I feel like my foot barely reaches the bottom of the pedal. I was at the dealership and there was a full size Bronco Heritage Sasquatch and I hopped in to see how it felt. Same issue with the pedal...
  6. davidg4781

    Looks like my water pump is leaking, any suggestions on what to do?

    I was at my local dealership to pick up some parts and asked the service department if they knew of any issues with the water pump. She said they hadn't heard of anything (I live in a small town so not too surprising). I didn't have time to set up an appointment but what do y'all think I...
  7. davidg4781

    Bronco Sport vs Honda CR-V or Passport?

    I came from Honda before buying this Bronco Sport a year ago. I really enjoy it and I'm kind of liking the adventurous part of it, but I do miss some Honda things. It is more fun to drive than a CR-V (my mom has one so I didn't even consider it). The Passport is a lot bigger but has a larger...
  8. davidg4781

    Which Keyless Entry Keypad to get?

    I have a 2023 Big Bend without factory installed remote start. I would probably buy the Perimeter Plus Security System which adds remote start. So should I buy the keypad for vehicles with or without factory remote start? Since the Security System is Ford, would that be considered factory?
  9. davidg4781

    Any trails near Houston?

    I'm going to be around Houston later this week. Actually in Columbus for an oil change. I had planned to go over to Hidden Falls but now I'm wondering if there's any trail or off-highway driving around Houston? I'll be up there Friday-Saturday/Sunday maybe.
  10. davidg4781

    Let's talk Ford Extended Warranty Plans and experiences.

    I'm planning to buy a Ford extended warranty in the next couple of months. I know there are a few threads out there about this and I don't want to take away from them, but I want this to be pertaining to my needs. I also want to hear about others experiences using Ford's plans, especially the...
  11. davidg4781

    What do y’all do to clean your engine bay?

    I noticed mine is pretty dusty. Do you just rinse it with a garden hose? Clean water from the car wash?
  12. davidg4781

    Does anyone have the Black Diamond Off-Road Package?

    I don't think I've seen anyone talk about this other than when it was announced. Has anyone ordered a BS and added this? Has anyone bought one with it already added? I'm curious if we can buy the underbody protection and decals after market. Maybe the wheels too but they're just for looks.
  13. davidg4781

    Would Ford push out new accessories for the MY'24?

    I have some points and credit at Ford that I'd like to spend. Do y'all think we'll get new accessories when he '24s come out? Should I wait? I really don't need anything but I don't like having that credit. I may get either the keypad or the owner's manual case.
  14. davidg4781

    How accurate is the onboard TMPS PSI readout?

    I've filled my tires up to 33 psi several times now and when I check in the menus, they're at 31 psi. I have 2 analog stick gauges, made by Milton, and they showed about 32 psi. After I drive for a while, the tires will go to 33 or 34 psi but this got me thinking one of them may be off a...
  15. davidg4781

    How does the Bronco Sport compare to the new CR-Vs?

    I had been a Honda guy for maybe the last 15 years or so. I like what they do, fit and finish, all that. But I was driving a car. I toyed with getting a Passport but didn't really like it. I was going back to the Accord and test drove a Bronco Sport. I bought it an hour later. Now, so...
  16. davidg4781

    Locking my keys and wallet in the car and use Apple Watch Ford app?

    I just want to make sure this will work. I’m not too concerned about securing my stuff, I just don’t want to get locked out. For work, we’re going to some small water park we rented for ourselves. Maybe 70 employees. I want to leave my phone, keys, and wallet in the car. If it locks, should I...
  17. davidg4781

    What are some good road side assistance items to keep in your BS?

    For years, I've carried around jumper cables, an air compressor, gloves, and that's about it. I had a flat tire about 6 weeks ago. Usually I can air up and move on to the nearest flat repair but this time that wasn't going to happen. I was on almost level ground but this made me think I...
  18. davidg4781

    Any updates to Sync3?

    I think I saw that the current Sync3 version has some issue and it was suggested we turn off auto updates. Is this still the case? I think that was over a month ago yet. Also, is there a way to give Ford feedback on the current version? I've come across little bugs and I don't know how they...
  19. davidg4781

    Ford Molle Bags - Photos

    I thought I'd put up some pics of the Molle bags from Ford, part number VM1PZ10C744A. These are Skanda branded. You can find them on other sites new, but about the same price as they are from Ford. As of today, they are $59 or 11,800 points to purchase. In the package, you get 6 bags of...
  20. davidg4781

    Texas Bronco Off-Roadeo

    I recently attended the Texas Bronco Off-Roadeo and wanted to give my take on it. I live in South Texas so on my way up there, I decided to go through the Texas Hill Country Tour. If you haven't done this, it's a nice drive through some really pretty scenery. I did chicken out when going...