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  1. Kraken1

    Sticking Brakes

    About a week ago I started to notice that when I put the 2021 BS in drive it didn't start to roll like it used to do. I gave it a little gas and it started to roll with a slight jerk. It now does it everywhere on a slope or level ground but it has to be from a stop. Was there a download from...
  2. Kraken1

    My new snow tires are very noisy

    I just got my new snow tires and rims on Friday from my ford dealer for my 2021 bronco sports big bend and on the way home I felt every crack on the road and the tires were very noisy. I checked my air pressure and the tires were all set at 43 PSI. Is this normal for snow tires?
  3. Kraken1

    2021 Bronco Sports Starting Up On It's Own

    My Bronco has started up at least three times in the last week in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. I live alone and my key fobs are by themselves on a shelf and my iPhone is shut off. If it wasn't for my security camera recording the incident I never would have noticed. Has anyone...
  4. Kraken1

    Rims Without Air Pressure Sensors

    Can you put rims on the 2021 BS BB that do not have the air pressure sensors and how will it affect your computer warning system?
  5. Kraken1

    Cruise Control Problem

    I have the 2021 bronco sport big bend. I noticed that when I have it on cruise and have it set at 50 mph. that when I start going down a long steep slope that the vehicle will increase speed to over 60 mph. by the time I get to the bottom of the hill. I also have a 2012 Ford escape and it will...