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  1. Uncle Buck

    A Bittersweet Farewell

    I will miss your posts here and am very envious of your new rig. Maybe someday when my old Expedition gives up the ghost we will become a two-pony household. No way my wife is giving up the Sport. It's a perfect size for her - and for me the last few months as I recover from spine surgery. Best...
  2. Uncle Buck

    Trip to Coronado National Forest and Memorial

    Great photos! I especially like the one where you got the shadow of the cemetery sign. Great eye!
  3. Uncle Buck

    Carrizo Plain

    Looks like fun. Any wildflower pics? And is that a SNAKE in the second photo??
  4. Uncle Buck

    Thanks for the Memories

    Hope you really enjoy your new Bronco! I may be headed that way in a few years if my Expedition ever gives up the ghost.
  5. Uncle Buck

    Do you Have 360+ on your Bronco Sport

    We bought off the lot, and I wish it had the 360+ and Premium Package, but at the time we really needed a car. Also, I don't know if the cameras are the same, but I have a buddy who ordered a Transit van with all the whistles and bells, and he is having trouble with more than one of his 360...
  6. Uncle Buck

    LED Reverse Bulb

    Check out Diode Dynamics. I have not changed anything on the Sport yet, but I changed all bulbs, interior and exterior in my Expedition with DD bulbs (except the headlights, because they do not offer a bulb for that application) and have been very pleased with the quality. As @kshaw mentioned...
  7. Uncle Buck

    Cactus Grey is not cactus grey....

    This is a result of an effect called metamerism. It's something I had to learn to deal with during my career as a photographer. It has to do with the way different pigments respond to varying wavelengths of light. It impacts more than paint -- fabrics are particularly prone to metamerism...
  8. Uncle Buck

    New Bronco Sport Owner :)

    The Bronco is nice, but we really need to know more about this beautiful dog. Name, age, etc. please and thank you!!
  9. Uncle Buck

    Key Fob holders and sleeves

    We got these from Etsy as Snoopy suggested. I preferred the one without the cutout for the buttons as I was trying to keep gunk out.
  10. Uncle Buck

    Deafening noise when rear windows down

    This is pretty normal for vehicles with this general shape. I have it with my current Expedition and had it with a Suburban and a Jeep XJ. I find that lowering the front passenger window a few inches helps considerably.
  11. Uncle Buck

    The Legend at The Garage in Salina Kansas

    Beautiful Bronco! I wonder why he went with the suicide doors.
  12. Uncle Buck

    Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service -- vehicle service that fits your life

    I have used the Pickup/Delivery service through our dealer (@reutherfordstl) for the first oil change on our BSBL and it couldn’t have been any more convenient! I’m going to see if they will do this for my 2012 Expedition or if it’s only for vehicles purchased from the dealer.
  13. Uncle Buck

    Moaning back brakes

    Sounds like you are backing up next to a railroad crossing with a freight train blowing its air horns. Unacceptable! Glad we have not had that issue. Good luck!
  14. Uncle Buck

    Trapped by a fallen tree

    This probably won't be practical for you since you use it camping, etc. but I have a Milwaukee 18v that I carry just for the situation described here by the OP, and like you, I was worried about bar oil leakage. I bought a good sized plastic toolbox that accommodates the chainsaw with the bar...
  15. Uncle Buck

    So Grateful for the 2.0L

    We will be praying for you, your mom, and your entire family.
  16. Uncle Buck

    Pics request: OEM Side Window Deflectors

    Our Badlands had them already installed by the dealer when we bought it, so I will take some pictures for you. I have to say I am not a fan. I seldom drive with the windows open due to noise, and they make it more difficult to clean the glass. I meant to pull them off last summer but just...
  17. Uncle Buck

    The little things... accessories so far.

    Further to the discussion of plate covers - we have a conundrum here in Missouri, at least in the St. Louis area. There is a longstanding problem with thieves cutting (or removing with a razor blade) the annual validation stickers off of people's plates so they could be glued on expired...
  18. Uncle Buck

    Auto Highbeam

    If it was a new-ish van, it could be that the driver does not have his headlights on at all, resulting in no tail lights. I've noticed that the combination of fairly bright Daytime Running Lights and digital dashboards that are always "lit up" can sometimes result in drivers not realizing that...
  19. Uncle Buck

    Does anyone know if that's a speaker or microphone next to the piece of paper?

    Those USB ports generate a bit of heat when they are used, so as someone suggested, those holes are to allow for cooling. As long as your adapter doesn't cover the holes I think you'll be fine.
  20. Uncle Buck

    Hood Protector

    Ours came with the Ford model pre-installed, so no choice - it was already "glued"on. Originally wasn't a fan, but it has grown on me, appearance-wise. I then took it directly to the St. Louis area Xpel PPF installer and had the hood, both front quarters, and A pillars done. It has help up...