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  1. Glamdring70

    Need help identifying this product

    3rd picture pretty plainly looks like a Yakima logo on the front, to me. I'd try looking for Yakima platforms that go on a Sport, and obviously the ladder is made for/part of that system.
  2. Glamdring70

    The latest Sync®3 map will be available on or near May 13th, 2024.

    I have the same understanding about mine. But Sirius stopped the Nav system (I had to argue to get it put back) and now Ford wants to charge for the update. I'll just switch to a free system or plop my Garmin (lifetime free) back on the dash in this car. The Ford built in nav was attractive as a...
  3. Glamdring70

    The latest Sync®3 map will be available on or near May 13th, 2024.

    The last update I got was January, 2023. It was $0. They want $109 for this one, so I guess I won't get to experience those new speed limits. If they dumped the Sirius tie-ins for the nav, I might consider it.
  4. Glamdring70

    The latest Sync®3 map will be available on or near May 13th, 2024.

    If it's just the same nav that I've had for three years, I don't know why it says "introducing". The only thing I can imagine is that they're dumping the Sirius navigation and using some in-house system. $200 for 5 years still feels about 2x too steep though.
  5. Glamdring70

    The latest Sync®3 map will be available on or near May 13th, 2024.

    This is the email I got a few days ago. Are you ready for new adventures on the open road? Introducing the SYNC® 3 Navigation Map, designed to help you follow your own road and be connected at the same time. Complete with touchscreen and voice-activated commands, it’s easy to use, and makes...
  6. Glamdring70

    My Bronco is EATING TIRES

    Agree with the other person, the wear pattern looks highly overinflated. Your photo is cut off but as you look to the right, the tire gets worse and worse. So I'm guessing that is an alignment issue. Now you've gone 60,000+ miles without one?? Tire sellers are going to tell you to rotate and get...
  7. Glamdring70

    The new Recall is out now.

    But what happens when the system thinks the charge level is 96% (due to defect), and the ASS kicks in, but the real charge is 37%?
  8. Glamdring70

    brake light needs replacement

    No. But if you're on good terms with the dealership, they might do it anyhow.
  9. Glamdring70

    Rear window

    The last digit of your Securicode is 5/6. You're double pressing 5/6 when punching in the code adding a 6th digit. For any code, X-X-X-X-X-5/6 unlocks the vehicle and also unlatches the rear lift glass. Adding a 2/3 to the end unlocks every door.
  10. Glamdring70

    Well that's it.... We've had it with Ford and this Bronco Sport

    I don't think this is even limited to Ford dealers. Car dealerships, in my experience, are a bit like realtors. You rarely, if ever, find one that you want to deal with twice.
  11. Glamdring70

    Somehow, lost the "S"

    Alternatively, lose the PORT. Several people have taken that off and it looks really nice with just B R O N C O back there. Easier clean too. Those letters can be a PITA to get clean.
  12. Glamdring70

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    Only retro or more retro. But that isn't to say they can't improve or modernize a lot of things. -Make rear windows able to drop fully. -maybe make rear glass drop, therefore larger opening and wipers that serve a purpose. -reduce the cavernous wiper area in front. -use modern design...
  13. Glamdring70

    Mystery white powder coming out of hood

    I use the lithium spray on some of the parts. Somewhere I have an actual stick of door lube. It's like a giant chapstick/glue stick made for car door latches. I bet Ford parts counter has an official product. Not that I endorse Ford parts, but you can find out what it is and then buy the same...
  14. Glamdring70

    Mystery white powder coming out of hood

    I think the rain and wind force gets the tetralubisol on the hood latch wet and that is the runoff. Every now and then it's a good idea to re-treat the hinges and latches on the doors and such.
  15. Glamdring70

    New Off Rodeo rules?

    Got this as a Ford Marketing email. Now you bring your own ride? That's, uh, quite a change.
  16. Glamdring70

    Ford Accessories Bronoc Tool Kit

    The tool roll is really cool, and if you don't look closely, you won't see that each individual tool is also Bronco-branded and logo etched. However, I agree that the tools themselves look like something you would find in a Lowe's aisle. Nothing special but that's true of most all merchandise...
  17. Glamdring70

    What is a Bronco, anyway?

    Subaru Brat Pontiac Vibe Ford Probe AMC Gremlin Studebaker Dictator So, certainly not the worst either. I always just figured Ford just likes horse names. Bronco, Mustang, Pinto, Maverick,
  18. Glamdring70

    Hood: Anyone else have this happen ?

    You can't release the hood from inside with the door closed. When you stopped, you should have checked the hood before unlatching it to see if it was really unlatched. Maybe you did, but it isn't written that way. It has a double catch as a safety. So either it was only on the first notch or...
  19. Glamdring70

    Found a way to reduce cabin noise in the Bronco Sport

    IDK. I'm a little afraid of the stick on one. It's true that car windshields used to have these trim pieces. So it's a little annoying that consumers have to "re-buy" this missing stuff. But that stick on feels like it would have more pros than cons. These windows were designed to be installed...