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  1. 69cuda340s

    Maverick with 2.3 Swapped In

    Guy swapped a 2.3 into a Maverick:
  2. 69cuda340s

    Full Size Bronco 2 Dr Crouse Ford Taneytown

    2023 2 Door Badlands in stock on the lot...
  3. 69cuda340s

    HVAC Temperature Digital Readout Dials for 2023 Bronco Sports?

    There is a thread over on bronco6g that says the temp read out on the dials is coming back on the big Broncos for "23. Also a Bronco Nation video that confirms it is coming back for the big Broncos. I don't think there is anything from Ford in writing yet but some '23 big Broncos are shipping...
  4. 69cuda340s

    Carlisle PA Ford Nationals

    Saw a bunch of Broncos at Ford Nationals Carlisle PA June 4. A couple of proud Sports parked along with them too.
  5. 69cuda340s

    Crouse Ford Taneytown MD Car Show

    Crouse Ford had an all Ford car show today. I put my '88 Mustang LX 5.0 Conv in the show. Anyone else there today?
  6. 69cuda340s

    Big Broncos in storage Wayne MI

    And this is not the only storage lot Ford is filling up with units Ford deems unfit to ship (missing parts, bad tops, etc etc). And any customer ordered vehicles customers are told nothing complete info blackout of course. LINK: Broncos Stored as Far as One Can See @ Wayne, MI ?
  7. 69cuda340s

    Vehicles Selling Over MSRP

    Bronco Sport is on the list:
  8. 69cuda340s

    33k for Base models

    Local dealer to me taking Base models, putting on bigger tires and lift kits, and asking 33k plus title, taxes, tags, fees: And over sticker for everything else they have. Trying to screw...