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  1. Weston52

    With all the threads on negative Ford service...

    My 2021 BB is my first new car purchase since 1976 so I haven't been in the dealer service mode. In fact I skip right by the dealer and go to the independent shop I've dealt with for 25 years for all my cars. However, in the past 6 months I've had three dealer service experiences at Jim Ellis...
  2. Weston52

    Handy step

    I ran across the attached folding step at Harbor Freight as a bonus coupon. The BS is rather tall and with any kind of rack really requires some sort of booster to work around the roof. I use a light step ladder at home but really need something when on the road. This item is 8 1/2” tall, rated...
  3. Weston52

    Rubik’s cube jack!

    Doing a tire change on a riding mower, I reached for the jack in my BB. Easy enough to find the scissors jack under the mini spare but where in the world is the jack handle? I searched all over the vehicle before turning to the manual. It became fairly obvious that Ford didn’t really expect...
  4. Weston52

    Aftermarket reverse sensors

    Yes, but drilling was very simple and I could be wrong but I believe it was only through plastic, not metal. The real key is the Uhaul video so you see how to disassemble the interior trim to feed the wire to the tail light.
  5. Weston52

    Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

    I too have triggered the warning screen a few times but never had any sense of braking. I thought that just like I have a backup camera but no audible warning as I get close, perhaps I have a warning screen but no braking? I wonder about the car ad that has the car suddenly stopping for an...
  6. Weston52

    New York Privacy Tents

    Look closely and I believe you’ll see loops for tent pegs.
  7. Weston52

    New York Privacy Tents

    I’ll buy one shipped.
  8. Weston52

    Aftermarket reverse sensors

    As an alternative, bought this for both 21 BB and 04 Solara. Very happy with results for 2 and 3 years. Connects to reverse light in tail light and U-haul video on BS hitch install is very handy to see how to route wires...
  9. Weston52

    Ford eliminating AM radio

    Reminds me of when I test drove a BS the first time and asked the sales girl where the slot for the cd player was. That was the first I had heard that cd players were long passe. Perfectly happy now with Sirius and Carplay and frankly wouldn’t miss am or fm. Damn glad I’ve got an engine cover...
  10. Weston52

    Bronco Sport owners waving

    When first bought my BB 4/30/2021 I could go days without seeing another. Kinda had a natural urge to acknowledge a fellow BS when you spotted one. Recently had pizza outdoors with the kids and I was amazed at the number of Broncos and Sports that passed by. The notion of something unique is...
  11. Weston52

    Canadian cars being sold in USA. Warrantee?

    Just a cautionary thought, my son bought a late model 2500 GMC pickup from a contractor a few years ago and traded it last year. He got absolutely hammered on the trade because the vin check showed it to be a Canadian car. Reminded me of the 80s when a lot of used Mercedes were brought in from...
  12. Weston52

    Cargo Management System Storage

    My BB happened to come equipped with it. I spent the first year trying to work around the shelf and found it just too big a PITA. It lives in the garage now and I’m much happier with 2 or 3 12’ and 16’ milk crates that accommodate groceries or tools or whatever I may throw in the box without...
  13. Weston52

    Ford survey - replacing key fobs with a smart phone app only

    And how does your spouse/child/friend/valet use your car?
  14. Weston52

    ⚠️ 2021-2023 Bronco Sport Fuel Injector Recall For 1.5L EcoBoost Engine [Updated With Ford FAQ]

    Received my notice last week that parts for the possible cracked injector were now available so called Jim Ellis Ford in Atlanta yesterday to see about taking care of that and the prior brakepad and oil separator recalls. Set an appointment for them to pick up my 21 BS BB this morning at 10 and...
  15. Weston52

    Dark spot in headlight, dirty back end after driving in snow.

    I have such a spot. Not a safety item but distracting once you notice. Only an issue on lonely dark roads. I will fiddle with the headlight adjustment as recommended to see if it makes a difference.
  16. Weston52

    HELP decide! Ford has had my car for 2 weeks, says it could be months for leaky fuel injector on backstock.

    Just to be clear, are you actually in the shop for a defective injector or simply waiting for the recall replacement? My recall notice on my 21 basically says wait til you hear further about parts being available. I read that there have been about 20 fires. Suggest you sniff your hood for gas...
  17. Weston52

    Engine cover or hood insulation?

    There’s no question the hood insulation makes a sound difference. Added it to my 21 Big Bend. Engine cover is only important if you like the feeling of seeing something like an engine when you pop the hood.
  18. Weston52

    Closer Look At The Accessories Rear Cargo Organizer, Sunvisor Organizer, Owners Manual, Key Fob Cover, Key Cover

    Aeroskin II and no question that it deflects bugs as intended. Like many, I can easily log hwy trips at 30 mpg so I seriously doubt there’s any mpg cost. Here’s a bug that was too fat to clear the deflector:
  19. Weston52

    Car camping?

    Looks like a great combo. What brand is the popup?