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  1. TNFurb

    Sync Navigation Map Update NA 2 23 Now Available

    I just downloaded and am installing now. This is my second free map update on my 23 BS OB. I downloaded the 22 update last August after I bought my BS (strangely it didn’t already have the most up to date map at that time) and now the 23 update.
  2. TNFurb

    Fan Only (Outside Air)

    I thought i was doing this by making sure to hit the AC button to turn AC off (not lit) then hitting the fan speed buttons to my desired fan speed. This seemed to turn off all of the auto stuff and was letting outside air come in. Maybe I’m wrong and it was still being conditioned at some level...
  3. TNFurb

    Bronco Sport or Maverick?

    I have a soft tonneau installed so I don’t see inside the bed anyway. But I can see the tonneau in my rearview mirror. I’ve not noticed that it’s any different from my previous two trucks which were a Ridgeline and a Canyon before that. And yes the 2.0L has more power for sure. I can say though...
  4. TNFurb

    Bronco Sport or Maverick?

    I have a BS Outerbanks and a Maverick Lariat Hybrid. Here are the key things missing from my Mav that are on my BS: 1. memory seat settings 2. homelink garage opener in the visor ( although I installed a BS visor in my Mav) 3. Speed limit sign recognition as part of the cruise control in...
  5. TNFurb

    Well that's it.... We've had it with Ford and this Bronco Sport

    It’s hard to misinterpret calling someone extremely ignorant.
  6. TNFurb

    Centering digital speedometer

    You have to turn the distance setting off in the settings menu on the infotainment screen. Then the Speedo moves to the center. Pics attached.
  7. TNFurb

    Centering digital speedometer

    Do you drive an Outerbanks? I need to check mine but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Speedo move to the center of my display either.
  8. TNFurb

    2025 4Runner Revealed Photos and Specs!

    The version with the big black wheel well arches is what looks so bad to me. With those it looks like there’s this big gaping opening and it throws the proportions way off in my opinion. The pics with the body color wheel well arches looks pretty good to me. If I needed a truck based SUV to tow...
  9. TNFurb

    Back in the Ford family...$7600 off sticker, woohoo!!!

    Screaming great deal! Congrats.
  10. TNFurb

    Top Tier Fuel

    I try to get Top Tier whenever possible. That’s why I go to Costco instead of Sam’s Club for gas. Sam’s is not top tier.
  11. TNFurb

    Gee, Thanks FORD! $20 whole bucks!

    $20 for a chip that runs the modem seems about right to me given the volume at which Ford buys them. This is likely the same chip they put in every one of their vehicles that has a WiFi hotspot option not just the BS. I agree with the others that I don’t find this insulting.
  12. TNFurb

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I didn’t know that was a thing! Now I will start asking when I have to buy new tires!
  13. TNFurb

    It's JUNK

    I dont see it as a gimmick given the standard power train warranty from Ford. While I won’t keep the vehicle for a lifetime, I will most likely keep it beyond the factory warranty. If I have a power train issue after that, it won’t feel like a gimmick.
  14. TNFurb

    It's JUNK

    I got a limited lifetime powertrain warranty from the dealer I bought my Maverick from as well. I paid MSRP for the vehicle and I think a $500 doc fee. The other dealers in the area have same doc fees. Had I known the dealer I bought my Maverick from offered this warranty I would have bought my...
  15. TNFurb

    My Maverick in Production

    I have a Maverick Lariat too. Named my BS Goose. 😜
  16. TNFurb

    2024 Bronco Sport RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    I’m not saying that the 2.0L doesn’t have substantially more power. I’m just saying the 1.5L is not underpowered and certainly not dangerous.
  17. TNFurb

    2024 Bronco Sport RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    I understand your point of view and would agree if the 1.5L performed how you’ve described it. But my experience with it is nowhere close to gutless acceleration merging onto the interstate. It is quite peppy actually even in eco mode. I‘ve merged into heavy traffic multiple times with ease and...
  18. TNFurb

    2024 Bronco Sport RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    Personally I’m not interested in towing anything more than 2k lbs with my BS. So I’d rather have the 1.5L engine and the great gas mileage. If I needed to tow more, I would get a Ranger or an explorer if needed an SUV
  19. TNFurb

    2024 Bronco Sport RV & Trailer Towing (GVWR / GCWR) Guide From Ford

    Interestingly enough, the Badlands can tow 200 more lbs than the other trims.
  20. TNFurb

    Read Before you buy a Bronco Sport!!

    I haven't experienced any item on this list. Literally not a single one. I do wish the opening on the rear glass were a little taller, but I’ve taken grocery bags in and out multiple times without a problem. My transmission is smooth and quiet on my ‘23 BS OBX. I have no squeaks or rattles...