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  1. Mark S.

    No soup for you!

    Rivian is offering a $5000+ additional discount for owners trading in certain gas-powered pickup trucks or SUVs. Don't get too excited though, the Bronco Sport is specifically excluded from the list.
  2. Mark S.

    Yet more evidence of cooling EV sales

    Once again, Toyota had it right.
  3. Mark S.

    Ford middle of the pack of "most loved" brands.

    Personally, I would throw seven of the top ten out because I would never pay that much for a car.
  4. Mark S.

    New Car Failures Increasing

    Interesting read. Includes details regarding the graph below.
  5. Mark S.

    Take your own Bronco Sport to the Off-Roadeo!

    This looks like it could be a lot of fun!
  6. Mark S.

    This is how consumers beat inflation.

    With the free market.
  7. Mark S.

    Is the end nigh for Ford's EVs?

    Ford has cut the price on its 2023 Mustang Mach-E from between $3100 and $8100, depending on the model. Desperation?
  8. Mark S.

    CR: Worst Car Deals

    This is a list of cars that Consumer Reports finds are still selling with mark ups. I find it interesting that six of the twelve are from a company with the "worst" quality.
  9. Mark S.

    Washington State bill could lead to ban on "durable" tires

    I'll take "unintended consequences" for $500, Alex.
  10. Mark S.

    Ford CEO ties bonuses to quality.

    Farley says quality has improved "10%" since he tied management bonuses to quality improvements.
  11. Mark S.

    Ford pushing EVs hard?

    I've been getting these emails from Ford on the regular. Anyone else?
  12. Mark S.

    G.O.A.T. modes testing in icy conditions.

    We had several hours of freezing rain here in the STL area this morning, leaving a sheet of ice over all secondary roads. Given all the different opinions regarding the "best" GOAT mode for specific conditions, I decided to do some testing. I kept the center display set to show how/where the...
  13. Mark S.

    Ford recalls cars with 1.0L engine.

    It's stories like this that make me skeptical of claims that Ford (or any other major auto manufacturer) builds cars with "planned obsolescence" in mind. The engines in many of these vehicles fail just beyond the 60K warranty. If this was Ford's plan all along they why issue a recall...
  14. Mark S.

    Nissan working on reducing headlight glare.

    The overwhelming glare of the headlights from oncoming cars--trucks usually--is one of the reasons I avoid driving at night. Nissan is working a way to help.
  15. Mark S.

    You've heard of twin turbos, but have you heard of QUAD turbos?

    This is what happens when you have WAY too much time/money and can't control your lust for turbochargers.
  16. Mark S.

    Chevy has its own share of woes.
  17. Mark S.

    Another interesting idiosyncrasy.

    Some background: I try to drive as smoothly as possible. One of the ways I do that is to progressively reduce brake pedal force as I slow to a stop. If done correctly, the car will not rock backward on its suspension after coming to a stop--that's the "smooth" part. I brake smoothly enough that...
  18. Mark S.

    Most reliable cars of 2024

    Lots of Toyotas...and a BMW? Wow.