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  1. Tigger

    Northern lights heading South

    If you are looking for a reason to get out of the city and go out driving or camping with your Sport tonight ….
  2. Tigger

    The First Mustang

    I found this an enjoyable read and thought you Ford lovers may enjoy it too.
  3. Tigger


    Say what you want about the guy but I will always say he was the greatest college football player and he made the Bronco famous.
  4. Tigger

    The Eclipse Improves Your Gas Mileage

    I just drove from Southern Illinois to Central Illinois and my gas mileage was an amazing 28 mpg whereas I would normally get 23 mpg. It was due to the eclipse coming! (it could not have been that I passed a cop taking radar every ten miles for all the people heading toward the eclipse so I...
  5. Tigger

    Surprised by this insurance difference but I decided not to buy a Bronco

    So I have a 2023 Heritage Limited Edition Bronco Sport and as you may have seen in other posts, I’m contemplating a Bronco. There are two of interest, a First Edition and a Heritage Limited Edition. Knowing the Bronco insurance will be more, I called to inquire. In both cases, my insurance...
  6. Tigger

    Another reason to hate electric vehicles?

    A ship in Europe is on fire with 3,000 vehicles on it. The article I read says that one of the 25 electric vehicles caught on fire and the crew could not put it out. If true, that’s a bit scary. edit: and I avoided adding a link because I read the story in several places and some were oddly...
  7. Tigger

    Motorweek: Heritage Limited

    It was fun seeing my vehicle on today’s Quick Spin.
  8. Tigger

    No argument: I’m a terrible person!

    I saw this article and all I could think was, could the Bronco or Sport find a line to climb this? Seriously, I used to be nice but the Sport has changed me!
  9. Tigger

    Heritage Editions added to Wikipedia

    A few days ago I added the Heritage Edition and Heritage Limited Edition trims to Wikipedia. I kept it simple and I think accurate as well as trying to keep it similar to the other trim explanations. Make corrections/additions as needed.
  10. Tigger

    Bronco Heritage Limited

    I’m seeing for sales over 6 figures. I don’t know if they are getting this, but here is a Reserved one.
  11. Tigger

    Heritage Limited and off-rodeo

    Did anyone with Heritage Limited Edition get an invite for the off-rodeo like First Edition and Badlands owners did? I asked my dealership about it and they finally replied Ford does not know that a Limited is a 2.0 based on the Badlands.
  12. Tigger

    Ford eliminating AM radio

    Ford has announced they are eliminating AM radio in new vehicles. They are doing it in gas and electric vehicles, whereas others are only doing it with electric vehicles.
  13. Tigger

    Fun Sunday at Badlands Park Indiana with Bronco Sport Heritage Limited

    We had some fun with our Bronco brethren from the Chicagoland Bronco Club. Fun people with some really cool rides! We went on a lot of fun trails, a Little Rock climbing, and a lot of fun sand. Winnie was tired and enjoyed a little bath!
  14. Tigger

    Super Bowl Sunday

    We do not need to agree that we want Kansas City to win but surely we can all agree, we want Philadelphia to lose!
  15. Tigger

    Heritage and Heritage Limited Thread

    Since I was feeling bad that I was randomly posting in others threads and feeling like my topic did not match the OPs, I started this thread to stop the hijacking. I will start by yelling at the administrator ot this site. You are now selling more Bronco Sports so we would like to be able to...
  16. Tigger

    It’s official: we have hit the big time!

    I was leaving Loews when I saw a Jeep parked next to me. He had that sticker I hate where Calvin is peeing on a different auto makers symbol. But this one caught my eye as it was Calvin peeing on the word Bronco. The owner showed up just as I finished putting my stuff away and I asked...
  17. Tigger

    Halloween fun that I thought would not be funny

    A friend from work gave me this. I have this. So I put the small one under the large one, put the candy behind the car, and let the kids get their own candy as I said “don’t let the car run you over.” Then I backed up the little car from under the big car and scared the kids...
  18. Tigger

    Bronco Sport poured water all over my driveway

    My son borrowed my Sport this weekend and when I got it back, it had water gushing out like it was going potty all over my garage. I was very confused but since I am not mechanically inclined, I could not find the source of the leaks. So, I had to wake up my son just after the crack of noon...
  19. Tigger

    Muscle article about Jeep owners

    I apologize if someone already posted this but it is a short fun read. Edit: My bad, the original article Thanks Meanderthal!
  20. Tigger

    Long weekend: start the bad Dad Jokes — as my kids say

    I recently found out that my son got a tattoo of diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts on his arm. I guess I'll have to deal with him later.