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  1. JAD67428

    Big Bronco ???

    Why does my Bronco Sport show a Full Size Bronco on Cruise Control ??? anybody have an Answer ???
  2. JAD67428

    JCR OffRoad 1.5 Engine Cover Installed

    Just Watch the Video of the Install an it was easy from there. If you have an oil separator you will have to remove it tho.
  3. JAD67428

    Who’s Good at PhotoShop ???

    Can someone photoshop these rims onto my vehicle Please !!! P.S. I’ll pay someone if I have to. Steve
  4. JAD67428

    1.5 Engine Cover is Now Obsolete !!! 2023

    Just got off the phone from a Ford Parts Dealer in Bartow,Florida. I had put in an online order for an engine cover and the 3 studs. A gentleman from the parts counter called to tell me that the engine cover is now obsolete !!! Ford wasn’t having anymore made, because it’s designed as an...
  5. JAD67428

    EGR SUPERGUARD HOOD GUARD DARK SMOKE FINISH21-23 Ford Bronco Sport (Sport Utility)

    Hello all, does anyone have this particular name brand/model of this bug deflector installed on there Sport, and if so how do you like it ???
  6. JAD67428

    Massachusetts Bronco Sport Carbon Fiber Letters

    Hello all up for sale are the carbon fiber letters front and back. I decided to go a different route $75.00 or Best Offer, I’ll pay shipping.
  7. JAD67428

    $ 40.00 Bucks for a map update c’mon Ford ???

    Anyone else purchase the map update ??? plus it takes an Hour to install and the car should be running. Oh Boy.
  8. JAD67428


    I should have read the description but didn’t, needless to say that I’m a bit disappointed it’s kinda on the small size.
  9. JAD67428

    Arm Rest Cover for Sale.

    I’ve had this for a little over a month an decided to go in a different direction. It fits awesome like it was made from a mold. Best Offer takes it away I’ll even pay shipping.
  10. JAD67428

    EGR Bug Shield Need and or Want Free.

    Hello all, I have a Brand New EGR bug shield that I don’t want. So it’s up for grabs depending on the cost of sending it tho. I have no idea what it would cost. I’ll send it to whomever within reason. Steve
  11. JAD67428

    Prancing Horse Headlights ! (Bucking Bronco )

    Has anyone else notice the prancing horse on the Headlights ??? I can’t believe that I missed it till Now, after almost a year of ownership.
  12. JAD67428

    I have a Dilemma Blue or Black ???

    Not a scientific poll just say Blue or Black and Thanks. I don’t know if I should leave it Blue or put the Black Decal on. as far as the rear Blue Emblem.
  13. JAD67428

    Just had to laugh 😂

    Saw this and just had to snap a couple of pics. !!!
  14. JAD67428

    Need Help, Looking for Ford Wiring Diagrams Please Please.

    Ok here goes, I have the cupholder from the 2021 Escape, there are 3 wires. Trying to find out what those 3 wires are ??? Ok now I need to know on the GoatMode Dial on a 2021 Bronco Sport there are 4 wires on that switch. I need to know what those 4 wires are ??? That way I can get my cupholder...
  15. JAD67428

    Ford Bronco Sport Horse Emblem - giveaway

    FREE to good home I ordered the wrong color my loss. I’d like for someone who could use it. just send me a message and I’ll ship it out.
  16. JAD67428

    Rear window gets less dirty with rear spoiler ???

    For those of you with the rear spoiler have you noticed that the hatch an window get to be less dirty because of the rear spoiler ???
  17. JAD67428

    Bronco Valve Stem Caps.

    Thought I would share what I found on Amazon an eBay. The 4 that are missing I already put them on.