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  1. Need help identifying this product

    I think this is the original thread from a few years back.
  2. Exhaust options...?

    While I haven't done any exhaust mods on my Badlands, I have had mods done on other vehicles. Some exhaust/muffler shops can do amazing work, they can pretty much do whatever you want, you just need to go in and see whats available and what they can do. There are also aftermarket cat back...
  3. Suspension Swap

    There are other complete suspension systems on the market, with some being very reasonably priced. Unless you were able to find a wrecked Badlands that you could use as a donor, buying the Badlands suspension pieces from Ford would likely cost more than the aftermarket suspension systems...
  4. Commute times and distances - Best/Worst

    My commute is 25 miles, I don't need to jump on and off various transit systems for my commute. I do drive and when bad it can take an hour to do the first 10 miles. During peak Covid I go door to door under 30 minutes and with very few on the hwy some would drive very fast including myself...
  5. Low oil level after 3400 miles?

    Talking about oil is like pissing up a rope, most are all so good it's hard to go wrong. As long as the oil meets Ford specs you're good to go. As far as oil consumption, it's possible the tech(s) under filled your Sport, filling to the earlier requirement instead of the later which would show...
  6. A Bittersweet Farewell

    Now you'll be talking down to all the Sport drivers, JK. I'm tempted to do the same every time I go to the dealer for service.
  7. BFG KO2 daily psi

    I don't have K02's but I do have 245 65 17 Falkens and I run 33psi, anything more and the Badlands starts to get bouncy. I do have 35/12.50/15 K02's on my Toyota 4x4 pickup, in the rear tires I run no more than 20psi. The rear is so light when not carrying anything substantial in the bed...
  8. Low oil level after 3400 miles?

    I have been having the oil changed at 7500 miles which in my case is before the oil life monitor says it's time. I have not had any oil use issues.
  9. 12 volt battery charge state detection recall coming out.

    I have received an active recall message in the Ford pass app that was issued 2024-02-12 for the BCM and PCM calibration updates. Next time I go in for service I'll see about having it done.
  10. 2025 MAVERICK

    For me, I like the current headlight applique better. Wheels aren't bad, they do look a bit narrow. I've seen a few lowered Mavericks running around with nice wheel/tire combo's and I really like the look.
  11. My Bronco is EATING TIRES

    From what you can see in the photo it looks like it has an alignment issue, one shoulder has rubber and the other is really worn. With the center worn as it is, could possibly be over inflated as well.
  12. Total electrical power failure on my 2021 BB with 23700 miles.

    Don't need the eliminator, I can just disable the auto start/stop by pressing the button. I like the option of turning it off when I off road and I let it do it's thing when on road, it's not a big deal.
  13. Total electrical power failure on my 2021 BB with 23700 miles.

    I have not had any electrical issues including auto start stop not working after my battery was replaced almost 2 years ago. Auto start stop works so well I sometimes have to look at the tach to see that the engine has actually shut off, it's been that transparent.
  14. Total electrical power failure on my 2021 BB with 23700 miles.

    My Badlands auto start stop also wasn't working, the dash message always said unavailable due to vehicle charging, it didn't matter how far or long it was driven, even a few runs from California to Arizona. Also had random no start situations, it would start fine and you could drive to the store...
  15. Total electrical power failure on my 2021 BB with 23700 miles.

    That happened to my wife when she was showing off the Badlands to her friends at work when going out for lunch, it was quite the impression. Driving on a major street the dash lit up like a Christmas tree and the vehicle died luckily she was able to coast into the center median out of traffic...
  16. Tight steering

    Depending on the year of your Sport there was a recall for heavy steering you can check here to see if your vehicle is affected...
  17. Poor gas mileage 15.1 city 21-23 highway (Los Angeles)

    If your caught up in LA stop and go traffic stopping and accelerating every 10 feet makes it difficult to get good mileage, also if you drive during peak drive time which depending on the FWY you're on can also be like stop and go traffic you wont get good mileage. I have a Badlands with 245 65R...
  18. Newbie looking at a BS with some questions.

    I also have a Mercedes with sport suspension and a Badlands. The Badlands Handel's like crap compared to my Mercedes, the Badlands is tippy on mountain or canyon roads, if driving it at any sort of pace you need to trail brake to get it to turn. The Badlands does have power and you can surprise...
  19. Home Audio Setups

    I used to have all the super surround speakers and sub woofer, high power AV receiver, special speaker cables and interconnects. I replaced all that with a sound bar surround system, it sounds all most as good and takes up much less space. I do have a brand new AV reciever that I bought, it's...
  20. 245/60R-18 Tire rub after verifying that it wouldn't

    On the BF Goodrich site the 245/60R 18 Trail Terrain diameter is listed at 29.6". My Badlands with 245/65R 17 Falkens with a 29.5''diameter will just kiss the front wheel well liners in certain situations. It's obviously possible the extra 1/10 inch in diameter of the Trail Terrains has made...