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  1. Escape2Bronco

    A Bittersweet Farewell

    Kris, it’s been fun having you on this forum and look forward to your posts on the 6g forum. The 4 door sounds like it will serve you best. Hope your dogs enjoy it.
  2. Escape2Bronco

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome! I’ll put my money on you outlasting the Sport. It’s a pretty good vehicles but an awful lot of Nannie’s to be taken care of!
  3. Escape2Bronco

    Dare I ask.....Badlands with 255s?

    As long as you don’t go off-road or make sharp turns, it should work just fine. but I got to ask, why? I’m always confused when people are trying to gain an extra 1/4 of ground clearance. My eyecrometer isn’t good enough to tell when driving off road if I’m going to clear by 1/4 of an inch...
  4. Escape2Bronco

    New owner/member, just saying Hi

    Great color! Welcome
  5. Escape2Bronco

    Not the best start to ownership [moonroof]

    My wife’s 2016 HRV has a sunroof as does my 2013 ES350. Unfortunately, I can count on one hand how often the shade or the window has actually been opened on the Lexus since 2016 when I acquired it from my father. My wife tends to leave her shade open in the winter for the vitamin D but rarely...
  6. Escape2Bronco


    Fortunately or unfortunately, it's no where near time. Only 15K miles.
  7. Escape2Bronco


    I love my 3's . Hopefully I can find a reasonable replacement when the time comes.
  8. Escape2Bronco

    Scratch this thread i somehow double posted

    Delete button should be located at the bottom of your post.
  9. Escape2Bronco


    I have a 22 Badlands with the optional 235 Falkens. They line up perfectly (exactly) with the edge of the fenders. No spacers required.
  10. Escape2Bronco

    Check rear seats...

    Yup, opening the rear door wakes up the nanny every time. Sounds like you found the fix!
  11. Escape2Bronco

    Somehow, lost the "S"

    Now you went and hit the hornets nest, didn’t you! :cool:
  12. Escape2Bronco

    On Board Tire Pressure gauge and spare

    That’s what it appears to be. Tire is still at 35 psi after one week.
  13. Escape2Bronco

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    I like the BS just as it is. I really have few complaints. It does what it was intended for and for me it does it well. As @REDWM said, a perfect replacement for the G1-3 Escape.
  14. Escape2Bronco

    Bug deflectors.

    If the main point is to protect from rock chips, then a pint protection film is probably your better solution. If it’s bugs, than an Areoskin II is a good choice.
  15. Escape2Bronco

    Bug deflectors.

    The good news is the hoods are Aluminum and therefore won’t rust. The 3m tape when properly applied will not easily come off but can be removed if required without causing damage.
  16. Escape2Bronco

    Hood: Anyone else have this happen ?

    Mine definitely shakes near the windshield more so than up front. Car wash dryer is much worse than actual driving, but then I haven’t driven through a tornado yet.
  17. Escape2Bronco

    Traded my Big Bend for a Badlands

    The 2.0 in sport mode is pretty darn quick. It isn’t the same as a lazy V8, but it’s not too bad. I normally drive now in normal mode trying to see if I can get a little better gas mileage. I still have “heavy foot syndrome “ so there might not be any help for me.
  18. Escape2Bronco

    TSB 22-2326 : "Moan Noise in the Rear Brakes When Driven in Reverse in Cold Weather or High Humidity"

    I know I’m in the minority here but it normally only happens once when you first back up in the morning. I’ll deal with it when I change the rear pads in 10 years. I’m not saying this is what a 30-40k vehicle should sound like but in the overall scheme of things, it stops great and at the end...
  19. Escape2Bronco

    245/60R-18 Tire rub after verifying that it wouldn't

    They are very similar in size. Both in the 29.5ish range. 60’s are typically wider than 65’s but both have a section width of 245 but that is the size range not the exact width.
  20. Escape2Bronco

    Holding gears without slow speed crawl option

    Unfortunately it’s the issue with most vehicles with Nannie’s and no transfer case. One of the reasons I went with the 7sp on my full size. It’s not a 205 by any stretch, but it beats an auto goat any day.