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  1. PonyPowerxox

    Cactus Grey is not cactus grey....

    I am sure this has been discussed but just noting my car often looks powder blue..........parking lot lights and overcast days zero out the green
  2. PonyPowerxox


    Did it yesterday 13 dollars for basic wash...16 gets you more No swirl marks Paint and windows look great Tires and windshield need extra work to look great I would go back They have several workers to guide your car which o need....worked great
  3. PonyPowerxox

    SHOULD I DO IT ???? WORLD'S LARGEST CARWASH AT BUCCEES IS DOWN THE ROAD FROM MY HOUSE only had the car a few weeks....HAS NOT HAD A BATH YET.....with a brand new Cactus Grey Bronco Sport what do you think is precautions to take as far as car washing...........
  4. PonyPowerxox

    3rd day owning ...stickers coming on mail....

    Should be stickerd up by Friday lol