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  1. Weston52

    Handy step

    I ran across the attached folding step at Harbor Freight as a bonus coupon. The BS is rather tall and with any kind of rack really requires some sort of booster to work around the roof. I use a light step ladder at home but really need something when on the road. This item is 8 1/2” tall, rated...
  2. Weston52

    Rubik’s cube jack!

    Doing a tire change on a riding mower, I reached for the jack in my BB. Easy enough to find the scissors jack under the mini spare but where in the world is the jack handle? I searched all over the vehicle before turning to the manual. It became fairly obvious that Ford didn’t really expect...
  3. Weston52

    Car camping?

    I see a number of folks who have rigged their vehicles for sleeping. I assumed that with all the open tailgate pics of mattresses and so forth that that was how they crawled in/out of bed. But then it occured to me that so far as I can tell, there’s no way to open the tailgate from the inside...
  4. Weston52

    Moisture in headlights?

    My son borrowed my BB with about 5,000 miles the other day and sent me the attached pics of moisture in both headlights. Having ignored some moisture in a Prius headlight a few years ago led to a $800 replacement so I’m a little sensitive to this! I found a few thoughts on this in this forum and...
  5. Weston52

    Score one for Aeroskin II

    Proof that at least one big mother didn’t make it over the Aeroskin to the windshield!
  6. Weston52

    New rumor - Ford going away from key fobs and returning to physical keys

    My son, a 5 yr BMW tech, just finished his EV training classes. In a general bs session afterward the trainers were talking about the current chip shortages and the impact they were having on BMW and other companies. Specifically they mentioned Ford as likely having to do away with the key fobs...
  7. Weston52

    Is BS First Edition a limited edition 2021 only model?

    Just curious, is the First Edition a limited edition 2021 only model? If so, what number and is it sold out?
  8. Weston52

    Rear tow hook

    Since there didn’t seem to be any specific part numbers listed for a BS rear tow hook, I took a chance on this one (6M2Z-17A954–A) listed on Amazon. It seemed to fit various years of Escapes and Transits but no mention of Bronco Sports. I learned the other day that Ford doesn’t list parts that...
  9. Weston52

    Warning screen

    No need to ask how I know this but should you be barreling along and decide to shift your goat mode to “ECO”, you will get a warning screen if you absentmindedly reach down and instead turn the trans selector to “R” or “P”! The warning screen says something to the effect that you can’t do that...
  10. Weston52

    Paint schemes

    I have BB in cactus gray with the top painted gray as well. I had seen other BS with a non color matching black top and assumed that was a feature of a different trim level. And then today on here somewhere I see a BB also with a black top. I took mine off the lot rather than ordering it so I’m...
  11. Weston52

    Trade in

    To do a deal for a new BS I had to trade my 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid with 90k. The various guides suggested reail values in the 7-8 range but the last thing I wanted to do was to try and sell it myself. So I got the following offers all on-line. Ford dealer $6,000 Carmax. $6,200 Carnavan...
  12. Weston52

    Ford Copilot 360

    I took delivery of my cactus gray Big Bend last Friday and could not be more delighted. What I can’t quite figure out is what exactly the Copilot 360 is that is listed as standard equipment. I find no reference to that term in the manual but wonder if it is the catch all term for the various...