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  1. Meanderthal

    Ford Among Companies With Worst Data Privacy Practices
  2. Meanderthal

    Auto Start/Stop when Parking

    I have noticed that pretty consistently when I park the BS, the Auto Start/Stop will turn the engine off and then when I shift to Park it will restart. This seems like a weird way for this ”feature” to work. Are others having the same experience or is this unique to my BS?
  3. Meanderthal

    "Check Brake System"

    I replaced the brake pads on my BS just after getting it home, so that I would have ceramic pads instead of the organics, which should produce a lot less dust. I did do a lot of other little modifications at the same time but the only other thing I can think of that might affect the braking...
  4. Meanderthal

    Olive - Meanderthal’s BS BL

    Olive On Wednesday, 26 October 2022 I took possession of my Cactus Gray Bronco Sport Badlands. Here it is in my driveway after the 90 mile drive home from Colorado Springs. Why “Olive”? Well for me the color is the thing that really stands out and has gained a lot of comments and...
  5. Meanderthal

    Is the roof color on the Window Sticker?

    Just looking over the window sticker and I see the exterior color but I don’t see the roof color. I ordered the carbonized gray roof but I don’t see it anywhere on the sticker.
  6. Meanderthal

    Ford Accessories Discounted 20% Through August 26

    Valid from now through August 26th, 2022 -- official Ford Accessories are discounted 20% (up to $1,000) by using the code WOODWARD at checkout. Valid for one-time use only, and doesn’t including shipping or installation costs, with a maximum discount of $200. Arizona, Oklahoma, and Vermont...
  7. Meanderthal

    2022 MY Building ends 12 November

    This Ford Authority article is claiming that the 2022 Bronco Sport production will end on 12 November. It also says that 2023 BS production will begin on 14 November, the same day as 2023 Maverick production.
  8. Meanderthal

    Trail Sights

    Does anyone else wish the BS had the trail sights that are on the Bronco?
  9. Meanderthal

    Top 15 Most Marked Up Vehicles of 2022

    The Bronco Sport did not make the top 15.
  10. Meanderthal

    Grille Letters: Adhesive or Pass Through?

    Sorry, easier access to the forum than to a BS. Are the letters on the grille taped/glued on from the front, or do they pass through the grille from the back? I am not a fan of the bold white 3D letters. My mind is churning on ways to change them.