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  1. Slingy

    Wheel/Rim Color

    The color of the wheels is Carbonized Gray. There is a touch up pen from Ford in this color. One site says it's a match for the wheels but I can't say for sure if it's true. I have a few chips in my wheels and would not mind trying this...
  2. Slingy

    Badlands (momentarily) stuck in backyard

    Next time hook the trailer up to your dog. He/she looks strong enough to pull it an even has front and rear pawsi-traction.🐾
  3. Slingy

    Add a second Sirius XM Satellite antenna ?

    Do you have the SiriusXM phone app? You can use that through CarPlay and it has additional channels that you can't get on the car radio. If you're already paying for Sirius you should be able to download the app and use it at no additional cost.
  4. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    I actually rescheduled my appointment with the dealer due to a snow storm coming through. I didn't want to take the chance of my car being in for any additional days and me being stuck without AWD.
  5. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    Is this what you're referring to?
  6. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    Thank you, I'll take a look and try to find it.
  7. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    Good! So I'm not alone on this. Have you done anything about it or are you just tolerating it? It wouldn't be as annoying if just one press of the "OK" button cleared it but it keeps coming back like a psychotic ex. when it acts up.
  8. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    You got that right! I was actually thinking of taking some before pictures just to make sure all screws and nuts go back where they belong.
  9. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    Yeah maybe. I can't see much without taking off the bumper cover, muffler and heat shield over the muffler but from what I can see, which is pretty much the connector itself, it looks clean.
  10. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    Has anyone had this happen yet? I have an appointment Monday 2/12/24 to get it checked out. It started a few weeks ago after driving on wet and salty NH roads. It went away until the next time we had repeat road conditions and it came back in full force. The no touch car wash will also set this...
  11. Slingy

    What I really like about the Bronco Sport (in 60 seconds or less)...toot your horn!!

    I like how easy it is to retrieve those French fries that escape my hands and find their way to the depths below the driver's seat.
  12. Slingy

    What changes are you hoping to see with the 2025 refresh?

    In my dreams I'd like to see the 2.3L as an option and call it a Tremor or Raptor or ST, or even SVT. As has been said by many, more ground clearance and room for bigger tires would be nice. It would also be great if the back seats as well as the front passenger seat folded flat to maximize...
  13. Slingy

    Happy Fri-YAY!!! Let's see those Front End Selfies!!!

    After a great day of skiing at Mount Sunapee in NH.
  14. Slingy

    NEW: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT

    Yes it seems as if Goodyear was not thinking of us based on the available sizes in the drop down menu.
  15. Slingy

    It's Tushy Tuesday! Let's see those rear photos

    This is what happens when you let your dog drive.
  16. Slingy


    That's gonna hurt if you don't have a sunroof.
  17. Slingy

    Exhaust smell inside 2021 BS Badlands

    Are you sure it's not coming from a vehicle in front of you? My BSBL allows so much outside air into the cabin that if I'm behind a diesel I get a headache from the fumes or if someone is smoking weed in the car in front of me I'm looking for a dead skunk in the road. I'm now at the point that...
  18. Slingy


    It looks like the world's longest carwash line as well! Touchless is the way to go for me until the warmer months come back around and then it's hand wash only.
  19. Slingy

    Car play/usb stopped working

    Have you tried using another cable, or use the same cable in a different USB-C port to see if the phone charges? Did you check for debris in the charge port of your phone? Just a few variables to consider and rule out before digging into fuses.:like: