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  1. Bucko

    Tired of reading negative on the 1.5's?

    I am. As soon as I detect a negative, such as "Its junk", or "Don't buy..." I immediately disconnect from it. Sure, forums are for giving the good and bad on an experience, but when member call something junk, this is when I turn off. I've been on dozens of automotive and RV forums over the...
  2. Bucko

    What is your favorite cruising song?

    In responding to a Lunatic Fringe post, it made me ask this... What's your all time favorite cruising song in your favorite vehicle you have owned? The song that puts your mind back into a timeframe you'd relive all over again and not change a thing? Mine is (while driving the 67 Camaro)...
  3. Bucko

    Parks Ford in Gainesville Fl

    A good word and big thumbs up goes out to Parks Ford in Gainesville Florida. When we bought our 2023 Outer Banks Bronco Sport a few months ago (actually 8 Months ago!), they gave us 4 free oil changes. We took it in this past Saturday for it's first oil change (monitor stated 18% oil life...
  4. Bucko

    Florida Start/Stop Eliminator

    Never used. $75.00 shipped (contiguous 48 states). Easy install. PayPal accepted, but buyer pays fee (4%).
  5. Bucko

    What other car/transportation projects are you working on?

    Other than the Bronco, what other vehicle/transportation projects are you working on? For me, its my 67 Camaro. Currently replacing its carb and intake manifold with correct date coded carb and manifold. It took me a few years to locate all the correct and date coded OEM stuff, but I finally...
  6. Bucko

    Merry Christmas to all

    This past year I've been blessed with the announcement of being a grandfather in March 2024, another year with my wife (47 years), and my Bronco friends I've made on this site. Here's wishing a great holiday season to all, and look forward to next year!
  7. Bucko

    What was your favorite vehicle?

    Other than a Bronco Sport, what has been your most favorite vehicle you've owned? Would you like it back if it were possible? For me, it was a 74 Pontiac Trans AM, SD 455. Bought it in 1978, two years into my college life. I owned it for almost a year, and had to sell it, as the car got me in...
  8. Bucko

    What is everyone wanting to see under the Christmas tree this year?

    For me, I'd like a warm jacket. UF baseball starts in February, and we have some night games during our Florida cold season. And of course, world peace, brotherly love, and all that stuff that would most likely never happen.
  9. Bucko

    Here's hoping for a safe and happy holiday season ahead

    Not sure of everyone's plans, but keep safe if you travel, and have a happy Thanksgiving, and a very Merry Christmas/ Happy Holiday season and prosperous New Year ahead!
  10. Bucko

    I get this letter from Ford

    In the letter, it said my VIN fell into a group of BS's that did not get carpeted floor mats while being assembled, and wants to now have me go to my dealership and have them installed. Apparently there was a shortage at the time of assembly, and now they are available. I have a 2023 Outer Banks...
  11. Bucko

    Interesting liquid cooled rotary engine

    Small engine now, but car market potential.{9011720}{20106919351}{151909736307}{c}{668725518472}
  12. Bucko

    I have come to a conclusion....

    I have a trouble free 2023 BS Outer Banks edition. We have under 2000 miles on it to date, and bought it 5 months ago. Again no issues so far. I like it. So does the wife. Drives great, gets good gas mileage, looks good. However, had I joined this forum prior to its purchase and read through...
  13. Bucko

    With all the threads on negative Ford service...

    What has your local Ford dealership service done that was positive, and made you want to use them again?
  14. Bucko

    Keeping your Bronco Sport how long?

    Interested in how long you plan to keep a Bronco Sport as one of your rides. Me? I average around 1 to 4 years with a new car, but this one could be a keeper.
  15. Bucko

    What do you see?

    What do you see?
  16. Bucko

    4th of July

    Here's hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th! I got a lot done around the house, as I had Friday through Tuesday off. Almost glad to be back at work to get some rest from the home "honey do" list.
  17. Bucko

    Ford to lay off 1000 in NA. Will this affect orders?

    Just saw this on the news. I wonder if this will affect those who have orders for Ford vehicles still outstanding?
  18. Bucko

    Move up (maybe) to a full size Bronco?

    Do you plan to move up from your Bronco Sport to a full size Bronco?
  19. Bucko

    How often do you drive your Bronco Sport?

    Now that there are Bronco Sports being seen on the roads, How often do the members here use theirs? Take some time to explain your poll answer.
  20. Bucko

    Did spell check get removed from this site?

    I seem to have lost the auto spell check when creating or responding to a thread. Anyone else, or am I missing a setting that somehow got turned off?