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  1. Jmuns

    Fordpass App 5.0 Launched

    Don’t update from the App Store. There’s no going back.
  2. Jmuns

    My Bronco is EATING TIRES

    You must have seen them wearing quite fast on the second set as well. Have you ever had the alignment checked? What psi are you running them at? Why won’t Tire Rack honor the warranty? No rotations?
  3. Jmuns

    New Ford Pass App

    Comparing a Windows OS beta to an app are wildly different in terms of development and testing. From your post it didn’t sound clear that you realized it isn't supposed to be fully functional at this point. And they have upgraded it significantly in the past month or two.
  4. Jmuns

    New Ford Pass App

    It’s a beta, as in it’s supposed to be incomplete. They are looking for feedback and experience with it to create the release candidate version and eventually publish and release the true updated version.
  5. Jmuns

    New Ford Pass App

    From the beta app you can choose to go back to the previous version. When you do that it asks you a handful of questions about your experience and also has places to leave comments and suggestions. Once you are back at the original you’ll have the option to toggle back to the beta if you want...
  6. Jmuns

    Sync Navigation Map Update NA 2 23 Now Available

    If it happens again, or now even, email the maps support team. They can find your complimentary order and reissue you a download link. They've done it for me before. Might be worth reaching out to them and asking for a refund on the USB.
  7. Jmuns

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome. Post some pics of it.
  8. Jmuns

    New owner/member, just saying Hi

    Welcome. Great Color.
  9. Jmuns

    Sync Navigation Map Update NA 2 23 Now Available

    Same here. Just downloaded it for both 2022 BS that we own. No charge.
  10. Jmuns

    Tire pressure monitoring

    Try this thread
  11. Jmuns

    Just put Maverick steel wheels (steelies) on my 2021 sport. What do you all think?

    Click on the 1 or Prev tab to move through the pages of the thread
  12. Jmuns

    Feedback on Falken, MT, and Nitto requested

    Currently still the AT3. They are still around and Ford surely has enough for what they plan to build in the 24 models.
  13. Jmuns

    Poor gas mileage 15.1 city 21-23 highway (Los Angeles)

    Sounds about right to be honest if you’re driving Uber in stop and go LA traffic. Idle time in traffic is going to affect it. Also, don’t trust the computer. Try a couple tanks with hand calculations to see if you get different results. Not saying you will, but you might be higher or lower than...
  14. Jmuns

    Feedback on Falken, MT, and Nitto requested

    I paid $170 per tire, $27.58/each for the certs on them, $22/per for mounting/balancing
  15. Jmuns

    Feedback on Falken, MT, and Nitto requested

    41st week of 2023
  16. Jmuns

    Feedback on Falken, MT, and Nitto requested

    I ran Toyo OC AT3 in 245 for 50k miles. My wife’s BS has the Falken 235s and every time I rode in it or drove it I could feel how much quieter and faster it was. That combined with the fact everyone here has been very happy with the Falkens performance off-road I went with them a couple weeks...
  17. Jmuns

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I did the opposite of what everyone’s been doing and I did myself. Toyo OC AT3 245/65/17 with 51k miles on them got to where I wanted to change them out and I can still sell them off as a used pair on a local marketplace. I’ve been driving some longer road trips in the BS and figured I’d...
  18. Jmuns

    Locking Issue That Is Torturing Me & My Dealers Service Department

    What is happening? How are you trying to lock it?
  19. Jmuns

    Sirius XM channel delete 2021 Bronco

    Do a factory reset on Sync. It will wipe everything and every setting the prior owner had. If you just want the channels I’m not sure if you can do that other than just reprogramming them to what you want. You can control how many rows of favorites you display.