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  1. AndyMac204

    2' Lift- Is it Worth it in the Long Run

    i've never rubbed under extreme flex.
  2. AndyMac204

    Woo-hoo!! New shoes....RRW's + KO2's

    looks way cool. good setup!
  3. AndyMac204

    Tired of reading negative on the 1.5's?

    Yeah i see hate on the 1.5s here. I dont care tho and definatley not gonna lose sleep over it. coming up on 76,000kms on ours, from -40c winter to +40c summers. And to be perfectly frank we are not easy on our sport, we drive it pretty hard and haul our 155lbs cane corso everywhere. We like to...
  4. AndyMac204

    Hood Scoop Recall

    what do people expect, iirc its only 2 sided taped on ...
  5. AndyMac204

    5Star Tuning Bronco Sport 1.5L EcoBoost dyno results

    this is what i like to see, long term reviews. thanks for letting everyone know what you have accomplished. alot of hate on these lil 1.5 engines but reviews like this are wicked awesome. $600 is some coin to shell out, but it is what it is. maybe once warranty is done, i'll jump on it. but...
  6. AndyMac204

    Recall : Even the new design can crack. Recall expanded.

    i love my lil 1.5 dragon. its been great. especially up here in canada with 7 months of bitter cold winter. 75000 kilometers and still goin strong. maybe my dragon is actually a unicorn? lol
  7. AndyMac204

    Top Tier Fuel

    always 91 or higher. 75000 km and runnin purrrty.
  8. AndyMac204

    Liveronis Tuners on Sale

    always fun to see new stuff coming out. i know they do alot of fast taurus sho and explorer st go fast goodies.
  9. AndyMac204

    Vibration Buzzing Sound

    look around the passenger fron door panel, ours buzzed around there too by the interior door handle. try it out. let us know.
  10. AndyMac204

    HRG 1.5 inch Lift Installed - 2023 Bronco Sport Badlands

    had mine sitting in the basement for the past 2 years. you make me want to install mine finally haha! great company, nice product. enjoy!!!
  11. AndyMac204

    Badlands Car Camp Rig (Inspired Overland RTT)

    ohhhh ive been looking at the bluetti 180. our jackery is just too small for what we need. i feel like portable power stations are the next big thing. good setup 100%. you can probably get away with sliding it forward for more hatch clearance but i'll leave that up to you 🙂. we legit lived...
  12. AndyMac204

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Alberta or BC? Frick, we just got more snow in Winnipeg, i cant wait for camping season. Great setup!
  13. AndyMac204

    It's JUNK

    unfortunate for you, but not all fords or bronco sports are junk.
  14. AndyMac204

    1.5L Eco Boost Ford Bronco Sport turbo failures, just out of warranty

    i think alot has to do with changing the oil before recommended intervals. these ecoboosts seem to run dirty, i have been changing every 4-5k kilometers. thats just my opinion, i could be wrong but straight up running flawless at 75,000 kms.
  15. AndyMac204

    Bronco Sport Performance Parts Available From Fast Mavericks

    interested in anything for the 1.5. intake looks pretty but for the 2.0 only i believe?
  16. AndyMac204

    After 102 thousand miles, need new transmission and engine misfiring

    Ford mechanic or independant told you this? I would get several quotes or diagnosis. Seems excessive to be honest. There should be alot of used parts out there ...
  17. AndyMac204

    Best Off-Road CUV Tires

    BFG K02s here for about 50,000km. Great in snow, on ice and in mud. We are pretty rough on our sport and hit trails on the regular. Great tire, zero complaints.
  18. AndyMac204

    First Hard Freeze - Ford Designers Will Make You Pay a Hard Price

    i hope i dont jynx it, but zero issues with freezing fluids. in manitoba the last 2 weeks have seen steady -30 celcius, and with windchills at night closer to -40. the sport sits outside, never plugged in, and starts flawlessly. we are legit grateful with our little sport. #Sparks knows what it...
  19. AndyMac204

    Anyone planning on doing 25k or 30k mile fluid flush?

    i agree with the 4-5k oil changes but i get the dealer to do them for warranty, and straight up just because they have been an absolute gem to deal with #steeltownford (every second oil change is free). i think these ecoboost run dirty so i prefer to change the fluids early.