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  1. MJE

    Home Audio Setups

    My dad too. He’s gotten rid of first his record collection, then his CD collection. Now it’s Spotify on his iPad. His big splurge was a Bose Bluetooth speaker. Which actually.. I’m I’m honest…. For all the space my vintage gear takes up, his little speaker (and I have one for work & yard use...
  2. MJE

    Home Audio Setups

    Wow that sounds like an awesome setup if you’d put it up! I hear nothing but good things about B&W but have never experienced them. One day I will find a rosewood era Sony ES AV receiver on marketplace!
  3. MJE

    Home Audio Setups

    Ah I see you noticed my great taste in door mats! 🤣 Yeah I don’t watch tv at all. Enough so that I had a cable plan I never used outside of football season & so cancelled it. Now to figure out how to get streaming going to I can subscribe to something come the fall again.
  4. MJE

    Home Audio Setups

    Which sound bar setup did you go with? I’m basically limited in space as to what I can fit on this tv stand. Unless I want to run wires around the fireplace (which goes to a 10ft ceiling in that room).
  5. MJE

    Home Audio Setups

    Lastly, back family room setup is a costco special Vizio 4K 50”. Usual modern stuff hooked up to it (switch, PS4, Wii). Pioneer DVR-233 providing composite -> component signal converting duty. Converting the SNES which should be on the basement setup & a Sony LaserDisc MDP-K50. Which should...
  6. MJE

    Home Audio Setups

    Basement setup is a Sony STR-AV880 marshaling audio and video for the games room. No turntable yet, though there’s an input for one if I could find space to use a spare B&O TX I have. Sony CDP-C745 for CD’s & a Sony Bluetooth adapter for streaming duty. So more random marketplace finds, but...
  7. MJE

    Home Audio Setups

    A discussion on the merits (or lack of) the B&O system got me to thinking. What do y’all use for listening pleasure when at home & not on the road? I have 3 sort of setups actually, driven by an odd configuration of bungalow I live in. There’s a front livingroom sitting area, a back family...
  8. MJE

    Badlands (momentarily) stuck in backyard

    I prefer underheight for my weight myself…
  9. MJE

    Things you like or were surprised to find on your Bronco Sport

    click the toggle on the ight side of the steering wheel to scroll through the screens. The one you want is ‘calm screen’.
  10. MJE

    New Car Buying Strategy

    I’m not a negotiator so I love using X-plan. It just works. Saved me just a bit more off the BSBL than even the deal I’d gotten from them at first. Sadly though that was through my employer & they no longer offer it.
  11. MJE

    Bronco Sport or Maverick?

    Considering going back to a truck & in the Ford family that’s the way I’d go. I haven’t experienced the new Ranger yet, but everything I’ve heard seems to match your experience. Just a bit more room & better seats to bring you closer to what you’d expect out of a truck & should be smoother...
  12. MJE

    Add a second Sirius XM Satellite antenna ?

    I bought the factory kit many moons ago for an F150 that didn’t have it (but did have the nav option). The antenna it came with was just a standard Sirius/xm black flat puck with 3M tape. I mounted it at the base of the windshield on the black plastic cowl so it was well hidden, ran the cord...
  13. MJE

    What's your other ride(s)?

    Judging by the sign it looks like he bought it at a Kia dealer. Let’s hope that came right off after purchase! 😆
  14. MJE

    No soup for you!

    My first thought was I couldn’t believe they actually intended the production model to look like that.
  15. MJE

    Thanks for the Memories

    Awesome pics! Enjoy the new one!
  16. MJE

    Things you like or were surprised to find on your Bronco Sport

    that’s something I’m discovering reading other car forums. Just how much you get for tech standard on the Ford which others charge extra for, or as someone pointed out with the app you need a subscription. Or other cars lack these features entirely.
  17. MJE

    Would you trade in the Sport for the Big Bronco? Why or why not??

    Or maybe I’m just hoping they do a Timberland for 26. I can’t see they wouldn’t. I liked the 20 I had & would have another. Of course an ST would be nice too…
  18. MJE

    Things you like or were surprised to find on your Bronco Sport

    How much I can fit in it. It’s not a very big car & when you’re used to a truck you’ll be folding down the rear seat all the time to fit much in. But. Once you do, you quickly realize it’s a little box on wheels & packs as one. Especially with the cargo table, you can fit much more in it...
  19. MJE

    [POLL] Speedometer Squabble!

    Dunno how I missed this thread when it was first around. Digital here. I don’t know why they bother wasting dash space with analog gauges nowadays. I recall a process operations class a couple decades ago now. The instructor asked the class why gauges were all still analog. Well they’re...
  20. MJE

    2025 4Runner Revealed Photos and Specs!

    I’m still convinced part of their differentiation strategy, more than just model availability, has to be price. The 4R will certainly start much less with lower end (non-hybrid) models. I suspect the price will come much closer at the top end, but even $5K might be enough of a differentiator...