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  1. New BFG Trail TA tires installed

    I put a new set of BFG Trail TA's, 235/60 R 18's on my BSOB. The factory Michelin's only had 27k miles and needed replacement. I put a few hundred miles on them and so far so great! A nice ride, no noise and great handling. Looking forward to trying some off roading. They look great too!
  2. Michelin tires need to be replaced

    I have Michelin Primacy AS tires on my 22 OB. Only 27k miles and they're in need of replacement. Almost wrecked over the weekend because I almost hydroplaned off the road. Michelin tires used to be good. Had my oil changed at the dealer today and complained about the tires. He said they...
  3. Got to meet the Engineering Team

    I was invited to meet the Ford engineers this weekend. I filled out a survey and was invited to Atlanta to meet with different teams regarding different vehicle components. They're aware of many of the issues BS owners are facing. They said they are having dificulties with recalls across the...
  4. Did anybody get a survey from Ford?

    Last week I got a survey emailed to me about likes a dislikes on my Bronco Sport. It asked all different questions abot the vehicle. Yesterday, I got an invite to go meet with some Ford engineers in Atlanta regarding the survey and they would like to here about the issues I have had. Was curious...
  5. Favorite Offroading Nav App

    Anyone using any offroading apps with their BS nav screen? Waze is great on highways. OnX Offroad gets picked up by SYNC. I can't get apps like All Trails or Overland Bound to display. Any ideas?
  6. Trying out some lettering

    Picked these up on Etsy. I'm no graphics guy by any means but they were easy to install and don't look half bad.
  7. It's not much smaller than big Bronco

    I pulled into a parking lot and there was a full size Bronco the same colors as my BSOB. Aside from sitting higher, the body really doesn't look much bigger. Wishful thinking on my part maybe.....