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  1. Meanderthal

    Fordpass App 5.0 Launched

    For me, when I open the app and click Vehicle in the bottom row, it shows a screen where it has the miles to empty but just above that it has the odometer reading.
  2. Meanderthal

    Bronco meet at local DQ

    “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same”
  3. Meanderthal

    Raptor style grill marker lights cheap and easy

    Nope, my bad!
  4. Meanderthal

    Mystery white powder coming out of hood

    You live in MN, so I still think it is probably related to road salt.
  5. Meanderthal

    My Bronco is EATING TIRES

    There can be alignment issues that do not present as it pulling. Definitely worth the cost of an alignment.
  6. Meanderthal

    Raptor style grill marker lights cheap and easy

    But if you need a rectangular hole as the OP shows above, you will need a Dremel (or equivalent). In that case, don’t use a super high speed because you melt more so than cut. Start at about 30% speed and don’t go much above 50% speed. I prefer to use double cut carbide burrs. The single cut...
  7. Meanderthal

    Remove Rear Bench Seat From Bronco Sport - How-To

    Under normal circumstances, that rear seat check warning can be disabled through the infotainment screen for 6 months and then you have to do it again. I think it asks if you want to continue with that feature disabled after 6 months but I can’t remember exactly now.
  8. Meanderthal

    Raptor style grill marker lights cheap and easy

    Step drill bits are great for getting larger holes in thin materials. They don’t grab and pull like a standard spiral bit. A game changer for sheet metal and wonderful in plastics too.
  9. Meanderthal is almost as if Ford doesn't want you towing anything with this Bronco

    Not that you had the option but it makes the price of the tow package worth it.
  10. Meanderthal

    Loud screeching and burn smell

    If it is a dragging brake, there is a good way to diagnose that. After driving a reasonable distance, you can check the temperature of the rear rotors. If one is much hotter than the other, you have a dragging brake. Obviously you should not touch the rotors. Having an infrared thermometer...
  11. Meanderthal

    Dare I ask.....Badlands with 255s?

    The 255’s will likely rub at full lock, with or without a lift. There is a pinch weld at the back of the front wheel wells that limits the tire size. Some have gone to the extreme of cutting that flange but that is a questionable decision on a uni-body vehicle. You just don’t know what kind...
  12. Meanderthal

    Wheel/Rim Color

    I haven’t tried this particular touch up paint, but I think it is similar with all metallic touch up paints. I think you need to be very careful to lay down very thin layers of paint. The metallic flake orientation is very important to get even a reasonable color match. The metallic paints...
  13. Meanderthal

    Which LED brake light?

    They don’t seem to list any H11 options, though I’m sure they have them. It feels like the website is a work in progress, though I guess a website should always be.
  14. Meanderthal

    Which LED brake light?

    What is weird is that I think both links are for XP80 lights, but the one you posted cost $5 more. I used their vehicle search tool to find the ones they specifically call out for the BS. They aren’t labeled as XP80 but one of the images claims that is what they are. Either way, I expect they...
  15. Meanderthal

    Which LED brake light?

    I’m pretty sure the link you posted is for a headlight. I think these are what you want:
  16. Meanderthal

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I like those floor tiles. Where did you get them?
  17. Meanderthal

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Just to give you an idea of what you face if you decide to take the door panel off: I don’t know how easy it is to get all those white clips out or what else might be behind there.
  18. Meanderthal

    This surprised me today.

    There is no way to prove on a forum that a speaker or sound system is of any quality, good or bad. Pictures of the speakers are about the best any normal human can do. As for the power of the amplifier being matched to the OE speakers, I would question that based on my experience. I think...
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    Here’s one from this site but I think there are some other threads here too. Just do a search.
  20. Meanderthal


    Thicker spacers are less likely to require trimming the stock studs. Interesting that Titan offers a 15mm spacer with studs pressed in. Not that I am an expert in spacers, but in my search for spacers it seemed that 20mm was the thinnest that was offered with pressed in studs.