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  1. Chiefthepup

    Found a great sunshade

    For anyone looking for a sunshade that fits like a glove I found one. They also have a complete set for every window. super stoked at how perfectly this fits after seeing so many poorly fitting sunshades on Amazon. It says to put visors down but honestly it stays in perfect position even...
  2. Chiefthepup

    Just found out 10’ 2x4’s fit

    Was pleasantly surprised that I could fit 2 10’ 2x4’s without leaving the glass open by running them to passenger footwell with passenger seat backed up all the way. It’s the little things haha
  3. Chiefthepup

    Washington Free EGR hood protector (local pick up only)

    I replaced my EGR dark smoke hood protector with the Aeroskin and don’t want to find a place to store it. I accidentally lost some of the hardware for it but contacted egr and they sell the hardware for $15. I’m in the Olympia area 👍
  4. Chiefthepup

    Review of accessories 1 yr later. Not good.

    It’s been about a year since I installed the EGR hood guard and just noticed the rubbery tape that keeps the brackets separated from the hood to stop paint damage, has completely bunched up and essentially fallen off, causing the brackets to slowly back out as well. The photos aren’t the best...
  5. Chiefthepup

    Low fob battery symptoms

    I’ve tried searching the forum for what’s happening but can’t seem to find a thread so forgive me if this has already been asked. Took the wife and her cousins on a long drive through the pnw yesterday and went to start the bronco after stopping at a beach and got the no key detected warning...
  6. Chiefthepup

    Extremely informative video on fords BMS system

    Only sharing cause this video taught me ALOT about these new battery systems. Figured it might benefit others on this forum
  7. Chiefthepup

    Would like this forums input on an Offroad shops quote

    So far they’ve been great and quick to communicate etc. read nothing but good reviews and they specialize in overlanding/Offroad vehicles with alignment in shop. I asked what their input is on which lift to go with and here’s the convo / quote. I try and diy everything I can but something...
  8. Chiefthepup

    Raptor Lights installed on Big Bend

    Mabett LED Grill Lights for Ford... Shout out to @JohnSilver for the guidance. Dremeled out the grill little by little til the lights slipped in and applied permatex adhesive/sealant. I used painters tape and a tape measure to make...
  9. Chiefthepup

    Graphic color recommendations for cactus gray

    Just did a deep dive on the Underground Graphics side panel kit and wanted input from you guys on what color you think would look best on cactus grey? The options that I think could would work are Matte Gunmetal Gloss charcoal Matte Black Gloss Black Satin Black And my top candidate is...
  10. Chiefthepup

    Official script Bronco Sport badge

    Just saw this for the first time on fords website. I assume it’s new but maybe I just never saw it figured I’d share here
  11. Chiefthepup

    Moved a treadmill 👍

    Bought.m the mother in law a treadmill and didn’t do any measuring just figured I’d wing it and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to make it work. Was also pleasantly surprised that the door ajar alarm didn’t beep the whole drive home with the tailgate open. Just once. Curt’s hitch...
  12. Chiefthepup

    Fog affects precollision assist/front camera

    Not a huge deal but had this pop up 3 times In the past week all while driving in fog early in the morning. I’m assuming nothing needs repaired just fog making it hard for the camera to make things out.
  13. Chiefthepup

    Interesting video on putting fords with electronic shifters in neutral

    I thought this was interesting.
  14. Chiefthepup

    DIY front seat pet barrier under $20

    I’ve posted this before but cut it down to a more reasonable size. When not in use I seperate it and store it in cargo area. Figured I’d toss it out there for anyone else that doesn’t want to drop $100 on one and is willing to cut up some pvc lol I can share dimensions if anyone would like...
  15. Chiefthepup

    Lake Cushman, WA

    Just some quick snaps
  16. Chiefthepup

    Clicking/rattle noise when accelerating ?

    I’m sure this question has been asked but it’s kind of impossible to sort through existing “weird noise” threads that sound similar. I’ve noticed it since I’ve owned it but it almost sounds like it’s getting worse or my brain is just focusing on it more. It happens when accelerating out of...
  17. Chiefthepup

    Well, that’s an annoying noise

    Just noticed as I was loading up the bronco for a trip.
  18. Chiefthepup

    Installed Tectico Plug’N’Play side marker lights today

    TECTICO LED Side Marker Lights, Plug N Play Side Marker Accessories Compatible with Bronco Sport Base/Big Bend/Outer Banks/Badlands/First Edition 2021 2022 2023, Amber Super easy install happy to answer any questions about the process.
  19. Chiefthepup

    K02’s just installed

    2022 big bend. No rubbing or issues. Discount tire, cost me $971.98 with no certificates. 245/65/17 before and afters