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  1. jkeaton

    New Tires

    No. They won’t fit. For future reference, there are numerous online tire size calculators you can utilize to compare tire sizes, as well as online tire retailers that you can input your vehicle info and will tell you what size tires will fit without modifications.
  2. jkeaton

    Gear selected will engage slow speed

    Hope they get it figured out! Keep us posted.
  3. jkeaton

    2025 MAVERICK

    They ruined it.
  4. jkeaton

    Help - BB model - uncomfortable daily driving suspension

    Geesh....what an @ss. You're blocked.
  5. jkeaton

    Battery failure related to Turbo Failure

    Hard to say without a thorough inspection.
  6. jkeaton

    Steering Wheel Airbag Removal on 2023 Bronco Sport

    Why are you screwing around with the airbag?
  7. jkeaton

    Hey from the Joliet Area!

    Welcome! Been to Joliet a few times to the Harrah's casino. Love the Joliet 66 diner! Don't think it's open now.
  8. jkeaton

    Help - BB model - uncomfortable daily driving suspension

    What were you expecting? Did you not test drive it? What are you comparing it to?
  9. jkeaton


    Same. Don't trust them.
  10. jkeaton

    New 2023 Bronco Sport Big Bend Owner coming from a 2021 F-150

    Welcome to the forum. Just know, you will miss your truck...... :cwl:
  11. jkeaton

    Hey Everyone

  12. jkeaton

    Loud screeching and burn smell

    If it's really the right rear, it's not the drive belt. Can you pull the right rear wheel off and inspect the brakes?
  13. jkeaton

    Lumen Underbody Lights?

    Yeah, you can get the same thing off Amazon for like $30-$50.
  14. jkeaton

    The sound of my back brakes after the first attempt..

    Same with battery issues......:fingerscrossed:
  15. jkeaton

    Lumen Underbody Lights?

    $279 for two LED strips? No thanks. :cwl:
  16. jkeaton

    brake light needs replacement

    You can certainly reference your warranty paperwork to find out....or call the dealership.
  17. jkeaton

    New oil drain plug is available -- Ronin oil drain plug

    Gonna make the greenies mad with that one......:cwl::clap:
  18. jkeaton

    2025 4Runner teasers! [Updated with Rolldown Power Rear Window + April 9 Debut Date]

    Likewise, so don't rain on mine. It's the internet.
  19. jkeaton

    Stop order on moaning brakes TSB

    Even when ours DID make the sound, I did not make a big deal out of it. lol