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  1. CactusBS

    Well that's it.... We've had it with Ford and this Bronco Sport

    Yeah he must 🤣, I couldn't imagine paying nearly 200k for a truck regardless of what it is
  2. CactusBS

    Well that's it.... We've had it with Ford and this Bronco Sport

    Could be the Raptor R, they're like $115k new, and you never know with dealer markups nowadays. I've seen a couple going for around $150k online
  3. CactusBS

    When Did You Replace Your Battery?

    Unfortunately it was not replaced at any of the dealer visits due to "not being able to replicate issues", I ended up paying for the AGM after my warranty expired. It was roughly about 18 months since the car was produced which is what I voted in the poll
  4. CactusBS

    When Did You Replace Your Battery?

    '21 Big Bend here, had A LOT of electrical gremlins pop up around 28k miles, I had taken it to the dealer several times with no luck in tracking them down (I've made and commented on several threads on my electrical problems). I ended up just living with it till 37k miles and finally pulled the...
  5. CactusBS

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    How dark did you go? Legal tint where I am at is 35%, wondering if it's even worth getting.
  6. CactusBS

    bike rack

    This is straight from Ford's website
  7. CactusBS

    Top Tier Fuel

    My accessport did the same thing, Shell V Power 93 was always my go to as well.
  8. CactusBS

    Top Tier Fuel

    Not sure if I would be able to tell a difference in the Bronco Sport, however when I had a tuned WRX the quality and octane of the fuel made a huge difference. I picked up some "bad" gas once from a smaller gas station and it made the car run really rough and idle lower than usual. Topped off...
  9. CactusBS

    bike rack

    If you are just transporting one bike, Interior mounts are pretty awesome. They keep the bike out of the weather and safe from any sort of theft. I have a Large frame dual suspension and it fits with the front wheel off and seat down without issue.
  10. CactusBS

    LED Reverse Bulb

    Which LEDs did you buy? I just bought a pair of Alla branded LED bulbs but haven't had time to put them in yet, others have reported good results with them though.
  11. CactusBS

    Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! ?

    Team Upstate! Welcome from Greenville!
  12. CactusBS

    Lighter Off Road Tires

    I have the Wildpeak A/T Trails in 235s, I've had them on the car for a little over 8 months now (roughly 10k miles), and cannot complain at all. They have been a great commuter tire with little to no noise addition and had plenty of grip on wet or icy roads. I cannot speak too much on off-road...
  13. CactusBS

    Anyone know of a center console armrest cover, preferably with bronco logo or Ford blue oval?

    I bought this one, it has been very durable and almost goes with the theme of the rubber floor mats. Highly recommended
  14. CactusBS

    Deceptive Advertising by Ford and AT&T for 4G Wi-Fi Hot Spot!!! :-(

    Have you tried CarPlay(plugging it in via USB-C cable)? I've had good luck with connections and no drops so far. I also prefer the CarPlay interface vs. Ford's Sync interface.
  15. CactusBS

    Deceptive Advertising by Ford and AT&T for 4G Wi-Fi Hot Spot!!! :-(

    My Big Bend has a digital temp readout on the right, fan speed on the left without a digital readout.
  16. CactusBS

    Ford App Stranded Me!

    Interesting, I keep my fob with me at all times, but I sometimes use the app for remote starting. I noticed a similar message yesterday around 5pm EST where I could not use any feature on the app. I wonder if it was a small technical issue or app maintenance on Ford's side, remote starting...
  17. CactusBS

    Bronco Battery

    I had mine replaced at my local Ford dealership with an OEM AGM battery, total cost with labor and cost of battery was $288.79. Also came with an individual 36k mile warranty on the battery.
  18. CactusBS

    If you had $2000 for mods…

    Ceramic coating is a must, I've noticed Ford's paint is not always the best, definitely on my list as well the Rally Innovations light bar and skid plate combo.
  19. CactusBS

    2023 Bronco Sport Badlands w/ new Black Rhino Wheels

    Had the same wheels on my old Outback, they're awesome! Looks good on the Bronco!