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  1. Cursed Bronco

    Intake for turbo noise?

    Hello! Has anyone replaced their intake, particularly on the 1.5, with a CAI and had it result in more audible turbo noise? I know the 1.5 isn't really a performance engine, but there have been numerous times where I hear the obvious compressor surge "stutututu" sound. I would like to explore...
  2. Cursed Bronco

    Window motor going out?

    Hello everyone! I went to get in my car this morning and roll the windows down and was met with this God awful whine from the front passenger side. I have a video comparing the sounds on either window. Has anyone experienced this before? A whining electric motor typically indicates failure or...
  3. Cursed Bronco

    Wide vs Narrow Tires — a Scientific Comparison

    Found this pretty cool video on YouTube discussing Wide vs Narrow tires. Bonus points on the Baja Boss tires!
  4. Cursed Bronco

    New Trim lines?

    Hey guys, I was thinking what if Ford were to continue to update the BS with other trim lines seen in their line up? We see the Tremor Maverick, but what about a Tremor line on the BS or a something like a Raptor "S" with the ecoboost mustang engine? :blush: Considering there are 5 or so trims...
  5. Cursed Bronco

    Ford Splash Guards installed!

    Hey guys! I just got the splash guards installed from Ford and wanted to share my "build." I have inadvertently went for an all black look, but I am digging the way it looks. I know there are differing opinions on the Archaic tail lights, so you go ahead and roast me if you'd like. I would...
  6. Cursed Bronco

    Paint Touch-Up Pens?

    Hey all, Long time listener, first time caller. I was wondering if Ford (or anyone) sells paint touch up pens? I had a few cars over my years that came with one at purchase and included the body color of the vehicle. As my name implies, my BS has been through the ringer. I am actually on my...