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  1. CactusGreyBronco

    Other car brands extended warranty

    I don’t know if Ford is unique in the auto industry where people can buy OEM extended warranty at reduced rates over what their local dealers charge. Do you guys know if this model is repeated by other brands? This is one of the reasons I’ve bought Fords recently. I know I can shop around and...
  2. CactusGreyBronco

    Washed the Bronco and finally gave him his name

    Washed and did a clay bar on the Bronco today. I had been wanting to clay bar it for a while but wanted to make sure the paint was thourgly cured before. Question are you suppose the knead the clay bar after every pass? I started to but realized this was going to take a while. It’s been a...
  3. CactusGreyBronco

    Does this qualifying as an Exterior Mod?

    Picked this up at AutoZn For $12. We can wear these even though we drive Sports right?
  4. CactusGreyBronco

    I made a Bike rack.. stapled and glued some carpet to wood I had.

    I finished my bike mount project today. I made it out of extra material I have laying around the house. I bought the mounts from Amazon cheapest I could find @ $12.55 each. I still need to road test it to make sure it stays put. I plan on getting straps to hold down the bike
  5. CactusGreyBronco

    Installed the Bronco Sport Aeroskin II Textured Hood Deflector

    Got the Ford15 discount on the Ford accessories page. Install was pretty easy. I used painters tape to align it.
  6. CactusGreyBronco

    Ford All weather floor mats

    I ordered the all weather all mats from and had them shipped to my local dealer. If you order them make sure they are the correct floor you have . Carpet (MP1Z7813300AA)or Rubberized floor.(MP1Z7813300BA) I ordered the wrong ones for my carpeted Bronco. It was...
  7. CactusGreyBronco

    BackSeat rubberized panels

    For anyone that recently bought a 22 Bronco Sport. I picked the BigBend with the Convenience Package and sunroof. Did your Bronco Sport come with the rubberized panel that attaches to the back of the second row seats? I talked the the sales person he said that this model doesn’t come with...