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  1. BourbonRunner

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    QFT. It would be something if Ford never offered it on any BS before, but that isn't the case. I spent $46K on a top of the line, fully loaded 2023 Heritage Limited and Ford would charge me close to $1K now in just parts to replace the items they included on the BASE models in previous year...
  2. BourbonRunner

    Poor gas mileage 15.1 city 21-23 highway (Los Angeles)

    2023 Heritage Limited here, all stock on the factory Falkens EXCEPT The Yakima bars and their board pads (quieted down the whistle). I average around 21.6MPG with just over 15K miles since bought last July brand new. I have found that throwing the occasional tank of premium in tends to increase...
  3. BourbonRunner

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    Of all the bean counter removed items, this one angers me the most. I've dabbed some RainX on the lens and it helps for a bit... but I still have a high resolution camera that looks like I'm staring through the bottom of a pint of Guinness when I back up.
  4. BourbonRunner

    Not the best start to ownership [moonroof]

    QFT. @Ford Motor Company needs to get better with its dealer experience overall.
  5. BourbonRunner

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    I'm with you on all of it except the transmission. One of the primaryways these small displacement 3 and 4 cal turbos compensate for lag is by having many shorter gears and programming the shift points around it. If it was a fire breathing alcohol burning V8 with a massive supercharger a two...
  6. BourbonRunner

    Northern lights heading South

    I'm too far south to see it and the weather is not likely to cooperate. Bummer. But-- If you have the opportunity to see the aurora, you have jump at it. I took this pic the day before my birthday in March in a park outside of Reykjavik. Initially it will likely appear as high, wispy clouds...
  7. BourbonRunner

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    Better roof rack capacity. 100lbs with a sunroof is pathetic. Ford can do better, especially when other unibodies like Subaru can get several hundred pounds dynamic... with a sunroof. Selling this as a lifestyle vehicle that can't support rack-mounted gear is absurd given its premium pricing...
  8. BourbonRunner

    Reading vs. Bronco Sports

    Thanks, Mark. Will certainly check it out. I got the bug for digging into Viking history after visiting Iceland in March. It amazes me they were able to travel such far distances in open boats through treacherous seas.
  9. BourbonRunner

    Reading vs. Bronco Sports

    I'm on a non-fiction/history bend lately. Right now: The Children of Ash and Elm by Neil Price. It is comprehensive history of the Vikings and their culture, world, and so on written by one of the foremost archaeologists and researchers of Viking-era Scandinavia. I'm also intermittently...
  10. BourbonRunner

    Just found out 10’ 2x4’s fit

    Certainly they are capable little trucks. You know how else they'd fit? Strapped to your roof rack where they can't shift around and scrape up your interior. ;)
  11. BourbonRunner

    How to opt out of vehicle telematics transfer.

    I'm sure there are going to be plenty of folks that disagree but I am of the mind that I bought a car and I don't want Ford telling my insurance, the government, or anyone else about my driving habits. Not that I have a lead foot but it is none of their damned business if I had to accelerate to...
  12. BourbonRunner

    Hood Scoop Recall

    I have the same visceral reaction to that and several other vehicles: --an Altima with a floppy fender/bumper. Sentras and Taltimas (Rogue) also qualify. --a 10+ year old Civic or Corolla with a shopping cart wing and the entire Pep Boys catalog of stick on "tuner" parts, bonus points if...
  13. BourbonRunner

    Hood Scoop Recall

    This just in: Silly fake hood scoop that is held onto the hood of the car with a couple strips of tape cannot take turbulence from air moving into it at 70mph with no exit and flies off. In other news, water is wet, fire is hot, and politicians lie. Film at 11.
  14. BourbonRunner

    Jacking rear of vehicle from hitch receiver mount?

    Although it isn't the best idea to use a single point like the hitch to jack the car regularly, it can be done, but on these unibody vehicles I'd be paying very close attention to any deflection. Get good jack stands under the sides as soon as you can and before you do anything else to it and...
  15. BourbonRunner


    Great football player, horrible person. I hope he rots. Also, the memes have been absolutely on point:
  16. BourbonRunner

    Bigger engine for BS

    One of my friends in high school's dad was a rich redneck gearhead. You know the type- contractor, owns his own business and has lots of fun toys. A mid-60's tri-power GTO owned since new, Harley's, boats, sea doos, big house with a swimming pool, etc. Mr Scott was one hell of a guy. His two...
  17. BourbonRunner

    TrailRax Modular Roof Rack for your Bronco Sport

    May be the case. The Bruce Deuce was laughably top heavy. Always cracks me up when I see one lifted. Those are rare- for good reason!
  18. BourbonRunner

    TrailRax Modular Roof Rack for your Bronco Sport

    Yakima tent that Ford sells weighs about 101 lbs so... it is **just** over the 150lbs if you've got a moon roof. Really a shame the factory ratings are so low. Subaru can manage to get a 220lb dynamic and 800lb+ static load on a Forester and Outback and even the smaller Crosstrek gets...
  19. BourbonRunner

    Bigger engine for BS

    I'd be willing to give it a go. For science. I was going to mention the infamous GN downgrade but you beat me to it. Buick certainly downgraded the GN's stats because, as Mark write below, the Corvette (and Camaro) engineers were PISSED. (Pontiac also did similar with the Firebird. Can't upset...
  20. BourbonRunner

    What is your favorite cruising song?

    Red Barchetta by Rush. It comes on the stereo and I'm uncontrollably forced to do things that the automotive gods approve of but the nanny state doesn't.