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  1. Bronchette

    What is this warning indicator for?

    Years ago we owned a work horse PU. I loved driving it except for being vertically challenged, some things were difficult like not being able to move the seat enough to comfortably reach the pedals and/or steering wheel. I really hated trading it in, but it was time. The salesman hopped into the...
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    Well that's it.... We've had it with Ford and this Bronco Sport

    "Extreme ignorance" and proper English just doesn't go as well together as proper manners and the latter. Bless his heart.
  3. Bronchette

    Tired of reading negative on the 1.5's?

    Same here!!! I love my 23-OB!
  4. Bronchette

    2 different times, 2 different paint colours, same car

    HB (pepper red) was totally grey until I washed it!! It was amazing!
  5. Bronchette

    Read Before you buy a Bronco Sport!!

    I figure it's no fault of my BS, since I've preferred manuals from day one of getting my license, I keep wanting to downshift when it gets into that low, gravely sound it makes before auto-shifting to adjust. I would have already down-shifted, but then again, I didn't buy a manual trans. Would...
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    Steering wheel vibration when switching lanes?

    My spouse thinks it's hilarious that I have a new 'backseat driver'. I'm notorious for not using my blinkers when switching lanes.
  7. Bronchette

    Removing Scuff Marks on Interior Door Panels

    Unfortunately, I can't get the lines to show up in an image.
  8. Bronchette

    Removing Scuff Marks on Interior Door Panels

    Excellent info! Also, on the armrest of my OB, there are lines that look to be the residue of tape or some kind of adhesive. The only thing, there is nothing there. The dealer says it's scratches in the surface that you can't feel but is in the color of the material. I don't know if I believe...
  9. Bronchette

    Interior noise when window open

    Oooooo, excellent!! Thanks!!
  10. Bronchette

    Interior noise when window open

    Thanks so much! So, using this logic, all cars have these vents? If so, why are they in the BS so 'noisy'? I recognized the sound right off because I would typically hear this same noise from the front of cars when switching from fresh air to recirculated, but I've never heard it come from the...
  11. Bronchette

    Interior noise when window open

    I've been hearing this thwumping in the rear trunk area ever since I drove the car off the lot. I thought I was imagining things. But it sounds just like air going in and out through the flap of a vent. When driving through some very high winds a few days ago, it was much worse. I came here to...
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    Ummm . . . public forum, correct?
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    Saw this last night and I'm thinking I might have to get one.
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    Why, again Why, and What tha heck was that!?

    It was a bright and clear day. After posting my message, I got to thinking about it and had come to the conclusion of checking out the dash dimmer and turning it one direction or the other instead of 'limbo'. And I can't rule out the dimming and brightening might have been caused by these...
  16. Bronchette

    Why, again Why, and What tha heck was that!?

    Why . . . did 'they' insist my feet need illumination whereas the network ports don't? Why . . . does the display behind the steering wheel obviously dim and brighten in the clear daylight? Lastly: What tha heck was that!? . . . a drop down notification, also in the display behind the steering...
  17. Bronchette

    Loud Rattle in Dashboard

    No worries! It was my fault as I didn't have the passenger side visor nested. No rattle!:)
  18. Bronchette

    Pics request: OEM Side Window Deflectors

    I had the OEM deflectors installed, but they're not lined up correctly (that's why no picture) and the dealer is going to redo. At first I didn't like how flush they were (my Forester's stuck out), but now that I've had them for a while, I like the fact they don't stick out.
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    Bottom of Consumer Reports ratings

    For the most part, CR has been a good resource for my research on cars and other major purchases. However, the last car I got, Forester, was problematic from the get-go. To me that tells me nothing is 100% guaranteed to be perfect no matter 'who' endorses it.