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  1. Elegance

    Do you want to keep the retro design on the next gen Bronco Sport?

    For me, the unique body style and nods to the classic Bronco drew me to the Sport. I am an absolute sucker for theme and I know I'm not alone. I'm not the only one here who added more Bronco logos and choose aftermarket accessories that accentuate the styling.
  2. Elegance

    Mystery white powder coming out of hood

    Call me crazy, but it kind of looks like what happens when we have a severe storm here in NC and the pollen just gets blasted off the trees. Pollen mixes with rain, often sideways rain, and trickles into my gas cap and under my hood. There are streaks of watery pollen in all the nooks and...
  3. Elegance

    Ford sync disappeared off screen 2022 Bronco sport

    I think you're referring to CarPlay. Android Auto disappeared from mine this morning, despite my phone being plugged in and charging. I restarted my phone and the car but nothing worked. Android Auto suddenly came back without additional fixes when I went to lunch. Seems like there was some sort...
  4. Elegance

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I got bucked again! A cute little plushie horse to match my white bucking bronco on the liftgate. I've got quite the stable - There are four horsies living on my dashboard now!
  5. Elegance

    Won't start until I "shift to park"

    Hey Rachael. As soon as I picked up my Badlands from the dealership, it threw a wrench icon at me which turned out to be a faulty shift knob module. I guess it's pretty common for them to be faulty from the factory and need replacing. You don't have an icon on your dash, but I wouldn't be...
  6. Elegance

    Howdy from Ohio...

    Welcome to the forum! You'll love your Badlands. It's so fun to drive that I've put 20k miles on mine in a year and a half. I bet you'll be looking for reasons to get behind the wheel, just like I do!
  7. Elegance

    Ford Accessories Airdesign Hood Scoop Recall

    Folks with hood scoops are being asked to return to their dealership for removal and reimbursement for the scoop. There is a possibility for the scoop to detatch while driving and fly off. Ford is blaming dealer installation errors and not a faulty product. They did mention that warping of the...
  8. Elegance

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I did truck stuff again! Man, the Sport is such a capable little vehicle. Hauled 650 pounds of bagged gravel last weekend, all this wood to build a front facing gated fence today. If you're curious, 8 foot boards can fit with the liftgate closed.
  9. Elegance

    /imagine a Bronco Sport using Meta AI ?

    For better or worse, I like to use AI when I need a smile. They're not Sport images, but here are some of my favorites AI has generated for me:
  10. Elegance

    Thanks for the Memories

    Have fun with the full size!!! Check back in sometime and let us know how you're liking it.
  11. Elegance

    Is factory fill a full synthetic?

    Blend. I switched to full synthetic with my first oil change and haven't looked back.
  12. Elegance

    Pennsylvania JCR offroad 2l engine cover - FREE*********

    I'd really like this. I can't drive to Pittsburgh, but I'm happy to pay for shipping. I'm sure I can raid my local Ace Hardware for the additional parts.
  13. Elegance

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Installed the matte black A and C pillar PPF courtesty of @LBinWNC. It's a huge improvement and I definitely want to order the other pillars.
  14. Elegance

    One Year Later with my Badlands Sport (A Photo Journey)

    Looking for my next addition! Anyone have recommendations for a good set of 4 pod lights for my light bar? I like the Baja Designs Squadron Sport but don't like the price. Looking for clear driving combo lights at more of a moderate price point, not high end. Thanks in advance y'all.
  15. Elegance

    Has anyone installed flares AND flaps?

    It's definitely possible. I had both flares and flaps on my old Big Bend. The dealer I bought it from threw in the flares, flaps, and install as part of my purchase. The shop said it just took a little creative cutting of the flaps to make it work.
  16. Elegance

    Archetype Racing Trim Level Bronco Script Emblems

    Hey folks. I came across these while checking out the Archetype Racing website today and figured I'd share with the group. They're Bronco Script badges customizable based on your trim level. Insanely pricey, but they are machined aluminum and come as a pair. I bet they'd look great on our...
  17. Elegance

    2025 Bronco Sport Spotted

    I second this completely. The dash of the full size just feels more intuitive and less...well, cheap. It's the small things like the bigger screen, Bronco styling, and the grab handles that just make the Bronco seem nicer to me. We have an awesome front camera on our BL Sports but a teeny screen...
  18. Elegance

    Jeeps use ducks; what do Bronco Sports use?

    I've gotten three things - A little horse rubber duck, a squishy horse stress ball, and a bottle opener with the Bronco front end decaled onto it. Bottle opener was definitely my favorite, but I smile every time I get anything.
  19. Elegance

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Wow, those look amazing on Oxford White!! Tell your wife she has excellent taste in gifts.