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  1. ScareCrow

    2021 Bronco sport Base Factory wrap

    I'm don't think Ford offered body wraps on the 21's, looks like a shop did a crap job. Ford just started to offer factory wraps this year I think. I'm guessing you bought it used?
  2. ScareCrow

    /imagine a Bronco Sport using Meta AI ?

    In my dreams.............. :beer: :beer: :beer:
  3. ScareCrow

    Auto Hold System Fault

    No problems with 2021 with auto-hold, have they checked the emergency brake? Some have had that problem, I believe there is a TSB about it.
  4. ScareCrow

    Broken Monitor Screen Issue

    Check this thread for the problem and fix.
  5. ScareCrow

    Rear Lettering They have them for front and rear.
  6. ScareCrow

    Amy E

    Yep, others are having problems.
  7. ScareCrow

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Ha, looks like the inside of my Freezer......... :eek:
  8. ScareCrow

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Yeah, I hate those butt pucker moments, glad you are Ok! I change my tires every 5 years, don't really drive as much anymore. But the Falken Wildpeak AT/4Ws are on my list. Love the falken's that came with my Badlands, no complaint's.
  9. ScareCrow

    My DIY Custom Seat Covers installed in Bronco Sport Big Bend 🐍

    How many Rattlesnakes did that take.... Asking for a friend............ :like:
  10. ScareCrow

    Rattling sound in door panels

    Wow, sounds like you've check about everything. Might have to get someone to ride along and see it they can pin point the source. Just for grin's, check the roof rails and antenna. Make sure the rear seats are latch in position. Can't thing of anything else, best of luck...
  11. ScareCrow

    Rattling sound in door panels

    Check this seat belt adjustment. I had this rattling when I first got my Badlands, found the adjuster was between positions (Full up or down) and was driving me nuts. I put the adjuster in full up and it solved the rattle. Full Up Full down
  12. ScareCrow


    Ejection Seat Cover
  13. ScareCrow

    How to lookup TSB's?

    This should help. or here
  14. ScareCrow

    Power train malfunction -Gear selected will engage at low speed.

    I hope your New Year goes better than that mess, glad to hear you got it resolved. 🍷 🍷
  15. ScareCrow

    Sync 3 Screen Contrast

    Post a picture when you can......
  16. ScareCrow

    Cigarette lighter amperage

    Those type of connectors are rated at a max of 10 amp, but I wouldn't push it.
  17. ScareCrow

    Anemic Reverse Lights

    Here is the thread for replacement LED lights....... a bit long now but should answer your question.
  18. ScareCrow

    Ford pass not connected to car?

    Check and see if it's still paired with your sync 3 settings.......
  19. ScareCrow

    water spitting up to the windshield

    Like a mini tsunami at times depending on the rain and wind. Freaked me out the first time, thought I drove into the river...... 🤪