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  1. jkeaton

    Water pump fyi

    As you all know, had a water pump leak last year. Dealer had one in stock. Replaced in a day. Here we are again with another water pump leak. Apparently we did not get the “updated” pump. Going back into the shop next week. Supposedly they have the new and improved one this time. Will report...
  2. jkeaton


    Anyone else camp? When the kids moved out, the wife and I decided to get back into camping (both grew up camping with our parents). Started out with a popup. That lasted all of 6 months until we got tired of putting it up, taking it down, all the time, if it rained, we had to put it down to...
  3. jkeaton

    Dreaded coolant loss.....

    Started smelling it a week or so ago, after driving and getting up to temp. Brief hints of hot coolant (we all know what that smells like). Checking under hood and underneath results inconclusive. No obvious signs of leaks or previous leaking. Coolant bottle is lower than when we got it, but...
  4. jkeaton

    Scored this engine cover from Escape

    I got this engine cover for free off an escape.
  5. jkeaton

    Photo op.

  6. jkeaton

    Road trip!

    Heading to the beach for a week with daughter and grandson. First long trip.
  7. jkeaton

    Broke in the bottle opener.

    It opens the bottles upside down though. 🧐🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  8. jkeaton

    Facebook follies

    I posted this pic on a facebook BS group with the caption "Ready to head out". Talk about an uproar! :cwl: It was a joke. Probably why I get a lot of facebook bans....
  9. jkeaton

    New BS owner

    Picked up today. Ordered April 30 this year. Long wait but we’ll worth it. Already installed roof cross bars, fender flares and bug guard. Glad to be hear and to learn about these vehicles.