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  1. RushMan

    What is a Bronco, anyway?

    Is it a type of horse, or a breed? Uh oh, some owners aren't going to like this! According to this linked article, the term comes from the Spanish and means "rough. In consideration of Ford's current reputation for leading in recalls...some may think that it is a fitting name for a Ford product...
  2. RushMan

    Do you Have 360+ on your Bronco Sport

    When I ordered my BS Badlands, I decided to go with the 360+ option. All my previous cars were purchased fairly bare bones, and I decided to splurge a bit on this one. When a friend started looking for a Badlands to replace his wife's Escape, he also wanted the 360+ option, but could not find a...
  3. RushMan

    Under CMS storage containers

    I found these storage containers on Amazon that fit perfectly under the Cargo Management System. SIZE AND CAPACITY The 22.2 qt Citylife storage bins with lids measure 16.18 x 12.56 x 9 inches The 33 qt Citylife...
  4. RushMan

    Missing Lower Fuse Box Cover

    My neighbor has a '23 Big Bend, and I noticed that it does not have a fuse box cover in the passenger footwell. Is this another deleted item? When I search for the part numbers on my fuse box cover, I don't get any hits of Ford Parts sites, with a message that the number is wrong or the part is...
  5. RushMan

    Bottle Opener rant - The upside down Ford Bottle Opener

    Why has no one noticed, nor complained that Ford engineers have installed the bottle opener upside down. What's that you say? I guess one would have had to grow up in the 60's when soda came only in glass bottles in 6 or 8 pack cartons. And when we'd do the weekly grocery shopping, we would...
  6. RushMan

    A reintroduction

    I joined here a long time ago, and became active on the forum months ago, in spite of not having a Bronco Sport. But I was obsessed with this car and ordered a Badlands because I wanted the 2.0L engine. Now it's real. It's in my garage at home. It's a plain jane. Yes, I said that. It's not...
  7. RushMan

    What am I getting? Bad dealer behavior?

    While waiting for my Badlands, ordered 5 months ago, I've been biding my time reading everything I can about my new car and watching hundreds of YouTube videos. When I got a copy of my Monroney (window sticker), I discovered something unexpected: PRM WRAPPED HTD STR WHL All Badlands are supposed...
  8. RushMan

    What size trailer hitch ball to buy?

    I've never towed a trailer, and have no experience in that area. I may need to retrieve my Dad's 1964 Apache pop-up camper, and tow it cross country, and need to buy a trailer ball if I attempt this myself. I'm thinking that the ball size on Dad's cars were 1-7/8" and I've read that 2" is...
  9. RushMan

    Got my Monroney (Window Sticker) - surprises? '24 Badlands

    There are 2 items on my window sticker that are surprising to me: TAILLAMPS-LED Really? As far as I have known, the tailiights are all Halogen bulbs, not LED. PRM WRAPPED HTD STR WHL Say what? I didn't order the Premium Package on my Badlands, as I do not want leather seats, and AFAIK...
  10. RushMan

    Problem retrieving the VIN from Ford's status page

    The link to my VIN on Ford's status page, does not work and always returns a "window sticker not released" message. However, this link provided byitsdchz in his post "Comprehensive Order Tracking Info & Resources For Bronco Sport" does work...
  11. RushMan

    What does Ford's "In Production" mean in their emails and text messages?

    It's a rhetorical question since I am going to answer my own question of the term "In Production", thanks to Tim Bartz and Sarah Davis on their weekly live podcast. My order for a Badlands has been in Production status for a week now. My salesman called yesterday to tell me that it is...
  12. RushMan

    Too Much Time on my Hands

    Rather than posting in the Tracker forum section, I'm going to leave some food for thought here. I've got about 6 weeks or more until my Badlands is delivered, and entertain myself watching all the YouTube videos of Bronco Sport reviews. Many of them are bad, even from new and used car...
  13. RushMan

    Day 73 and Production Scheduled

    Yesterday, October 12, Day 73 since ordering. Day 72 since confirmation of my order, I received a Production Build week email and text from Ford with my VIN Week of December 4th for my Shadow Black BS Badlands. What does that mean? 2 months until production and at least a month for delivery to...
  14. RushMan

    Day 45 Letter and the UAW Strike and Updates

    Here it is, Day 45 since my order was placed, and I received the "45 day letter" as promised by Ford, in regards to a Build Date. It confirms my order but does not supply a build date. It does not mention that UAW strike. Concurrently, it seems that the UAW strike is on. So how will this affect...
  15. RushMan

    How tall is the BS BL with the OEM CrossBars?

    How tall is the BS BL with the OEM Cross Bars? They appear to be very tall when compared to other brands of crossbars. I've ordered the OEM crossbars with my '24, but now wondering if I should have waited and buy crossbars with shorter verticals, since one of the parking garages I use has a low...
  16. RushMan

    What would Batman drive?

    Entertaining myself while waiting on a 2024 BS BL.
  17. RushMan

    Almost a '24 Badlands owner

    I guess it's time to introduce myself. I've been hanging around here for months now. I joined this forum around when the forum was started, but only started actively reading and posting in the last few months. I don't know exactly why I want a Bronco Sport, as I don't have a desire to do any...
  18. RushMan

    Mid-Atlantic getting heavy smoke from Canadian WIldfires. Comparison to clear fall day in October '22.

    The yellow tint is from the smoke. The roof shingles are gray. DJI Mini 3 Pro, 200 ft AGL